Ben Nevis - 1st September 2003
Date 1st September 2003 Description Ben Nevis
Start Point Achintee House Peaks Climbed Ben Nevis 1344m
Total Time 6hrs 00min    
Walking Time 4hrs 45min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 15min    
Distance 10.00 miles    
Moving Average 2.3 mph    
Elevation at Start 15 metres    
Total Ascent 1,348 metres Weather Dry - cloud clearing
Max Elevation 1,344 metres Walking With No One
After last weeks tragedy I decided to atempt the climb again in better weather. It was dry and bright but as I approached the top of Ben Nevis I went into the clouds. I was about to leave the summit when the clouds started to clear. I turned around and went back to the summit for some great views through the cloud before returning back into Glen Nevis.
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The Moon after Sunset on Loch Linnhe
The start of the walk near Ben Nevis Inn
Glen Nevis and Stob Ban
Walkers on the lower section
Looking back to Glen Nevis
Glen Nevis and Sgurr Chalum
Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe
Looking across the valley to the "Tourist Path"
Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe
The path heads towards the clouds
Lochan Meall an t-Suidhe and Loch Linnhe
Loch Linnhe and Corpach
View from path to Sgurr Chalum
Loch Linnhe and Meall an t-Suidhe
Another view to Loch Linnhe
Memorial at the Summit
A broken "Kilimanjaro" plaque
Ben Nevis Summit
Ben Nevis Summit and I
Ben Nevis Memorial
Memorial Stone
Inside the ruined buildings
Ben Nevis Observatory and Memorial
Ben Nevis Summit and Observatory
Ben Nevis Memorial and I
Ben Nevis Summit and I
The clouds start to clear to Loch Linnhe
A view to the tops
Cloud clears more
A misty Glen Nevis
Ben Nevis Summit buildings
Ben Nevis Observatory
Its a great view from here if the clouds clear!!
On the way back down

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