Wolfscote Dale - 3rd August 2003
Date 3rd August 2003 Description Wolfscote Dale
Start Point Hartington Village Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 2hrs 25min    
Walking Time 1hrs 55min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 30min    
Distance 5.50 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 229 metres    
Total Ascent 230 metres Weather Sunny
Max Elevation 289 metres Walking With No One
My walk today was to find out more on this area for a proposed sponsored walk later in the year. I started from the village of Hartington and walked across fields to the start of Beresford Dale. It was a lovely descent into the dale and there was an unusual tower rock after crossing a footbridge shortly after entering the dale. After walking through Beresford Dale I came out into the open to cross fields to Wolfscote Dale. There were few walkers around today which I thought was unusual for such a nice day. Wolfscote Dale was pretty especially in the sun. There are plenty of limestone outcrops along this stretch of the River Dove. I turned off the main path along the River Dove to ascend Biggin Dale (which is also a National Nature Reserve). There was a small cave about half way up through Biggin Dale. Eventually I turned out of Biggin Dale and walked along Reynards Lane back to the village of Hartington. It was a lovely and very pleasant walk.
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Hartington village
Path from Hartington to Wolfscote Dale
"Tower" in Beresford Dale
Cows between Beresford & Wolfscote Dales
Bridge over River Dove Wolfscote Dale
Near start of Wolfscote Dale
Wolfscote Dale
Plant Life in River Dove Wolfscote Dale
Path through Wolfscote Dale
Start of Biggin Dale
Looking back to Wolfscote Dale
Thistle in Biggin Dale
Path through Biggin Dale
Cave in Biggin Dale
Biggin Dale National Nature Reserve
Biggin Dale National Nature Reserve
Dew Pond in Biggin Dale
Walking out of Biggin Dale
Vetch in Biggin Dale
Barn on Reynards Lane
Hartington Church

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