Cadair Idris - 15th September 2004
Date 15th September 2004 Description Cadair Idris
Start Point Minffordd Car Park Peaks Climbed Cadair Idris 893m
Total Time 3hrs 55min    
Walking Time 3hrs 00min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 55min    
Distance 6.15 miles    
Moving Average 2.1 mph    
Elevation at Start 106 metres    
Total Ascent 875 metres Weather Sunny warm day
Max Elevation 893 metres Walking With No One

It was a resonable day for walking and one which improved as the day wore on. I was on holiday with the family but managed to get away for a few hours to complete this walk. It was a lovely approach to the mountain around Llyn Cau. This was probably the shortest footpath up Cadair Idris but does involve the greatest ascent. No one is certain where the name Cadair Idris (Idris' chair) originates. Some maintain that Idris was a national hero, killed in battle against the Saxons round about 630AD. Some insist that he was a giant, and yet others link Idris with the legend of King Arthur. While I was on the summit there was a CB enthusiast setting up a huge arial to contact other like minded people. Once he did contact someone, and after several minutes in contact, he found quite by surprise that the person who he had contacted was only a few feet away from him on the other side of the summit!!! This was certainly a great days walk with fantastic views.
Falls on Nant Cadair near start of walk
Mynydd Moel from Minffordd Path
Minffordd Path
Nearing Llyn Cau
Llyn Cau comes into view
Llyn Cau
Another view of Llyn Cau from Minffordd Path
View towards Mynydd Pencoed
Cadair Idris from Craig Cau
Llyn Cau from Craig Cau
A rocky ascent of Cadair Idris
Llyn Cau from Bwlch Cau
Cadair Idris top nears
Cadair Idris Shelter from Summit
Cadair Idris Summit and I
Cadair Idris Summit
View towards Mynydd Pencoed from Summit
Cadair Idris Summit Shelter
Llyn y Gadair from Cadair Idris Summit
Llyn Gafr from Cadair Idris Summit
The Saddle from Cadair Idris Summit
Setting up CB radio on Summit
Llyn Gafr from Summit
Summit Shelter
Cadair Idris Summit from start of descent
Sheep on the Summit
Cadair Idris from Craig Cau
Llyn Cau on descent of Minffordd Path
View from Craig Cau
Tynycornel Hotel Tal-y-Llyn

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