Fairfield Horseshoe - 29th July 2004
Date 29th July 2004 Description Fairfield Horseshoe
Start Point Ambleside Peaks Climbed Low Pike 508m
Total Time 6hrs 50min   High Pike 612m
Walking Time 5hrs 45min   Dove Crag 792m
Stopped Time 1hrs 05min   Hart Crag 822m
Distance 12.00 miles   Fairfield 873m
Moving Average 2.1 mph   Great Rigg 767m
Elevation at Start 50 metres   Heron Pike 621m
Total Ascent 1,050 metres   Nab Scar 455m
Max Elevation 873 metres Weather Sunny but cold. Snow and Ice.
  Walking With No One
This was a good long walk but was spoilt by the cloudy and hazy conditions. At least it was dry throughout the walk. It was Ambleside Sports Day and not long after I arrived at Fairfield Summit a gentleman with radio equipment arrived. I wondered what was happening but when I descended to Great Rigg I was met by numerous tired looking runners who were in a race around the Fairfield Horseshoe. Good luck to them all I thought. It was something I would not like to undertake. I think I would like to do this walk again in better conditions. The views must be terrific when the sun is out.
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Bridge House Ambleside (NT)
Looking to Ambleside on path to Low Pike
Approaching Low Pike
Low Pike - Highest Point on the wall
Low Pike Summit
Low Pike from path to High Pike
High Pike Summit
Dove Crag Summit
Dove Crag Summit
Hart Crag and Fairfield
Hart Crag Summit
Rydale from Rydal Head
Path to Fairfield
St Sunday Crag from Fairfield
Fairfield Summit with sheep
Fairfield Summit
Fairfield Summit with Helvellyn
Path descends from Fairfield
Hart Crag from near Great Rigg
Path descends to Great Rigg
Great Rigg
Great Rigg Summit with runners
Great Rigg Summit
Great Rigg Summit with Heron Pike
Runners below Great Rigg
Heron Crag from below Great Rigg
Looking back to Great Rigg
Rydal Fell Summit
Heron Pike from Rydal Fell
Heron Pike Summit
Cairn at Nab Scar
Nab Scar Summit
Rydal Water from Nab Scar
Looking back to Heron Crag

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