Helvellyn - 24th September 2004
Date 24th September 2004 Description Helvellyn
Start Point Glenridding Peaks Climbed Helvellyn 950m
Total Time 6hrs 54min   Nethermost Pike 891m
Walking Time 5hrs 20min   High Crag (Grisedale) 884m
Stopped Time 1hrs 34min   Dollywagon Pike 858m
Distance 11.39 miles    
Moving Average 2.1 mph    
Elevation at Start 151 metres    
Total Ascent 985 metres Weather Warm and sunny
Max Elevation 950 metres Walking With Mark

A plaque on top of Helvellyn records a very interesting occasion. It reads "The first aeroplane to land on a mountain in Great Britain did so on this spot on December 22nd 1926. John Leeming and Bert Hinkler in an Avro 585 Gosport landed here and after a short stay flew back to Woodford".
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Ullswater and Glenridding
Helvellyn from Hole-in-the-Wall
Towards Ullswater from Hole-in-the-Wall
High Spying How and Striding Edge
Red Tarn from Striding Edge
Walking along the ridge - Striding Edge
Helvellyn and Striding Edge
Steep rocky ascent to Helvellyn Summit
Red Tarn from ascent of Helvellyn
Red Tarn & Striding Edge from Helvellyn
Striding Edge
Red Tarn and Striding Edge
Plaque to Charles Gough who fell here in 1805
Mark and I at Trig Point on Helvellyn
Helvellyn Summit and Catstycam
Catstycam Swiral Edge and Red Tarn
Helvellyn Summit Catstycam and Ullswater
Helvellyn Summit Shelter
Striding Edge on Path to Nethermost Pike
Nethermost Pike Summit
High Crag Summit
Helvellyn from High Crag
Helvellyn from Dollywagon Pike Summit
Dollywagon Pike Summit
Grisedale Tarn
Path to Fairfield from Grisedale Tarn
Grisedale on path back to Glenridding
Lantys Tarn

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