Helvellyn - 28th July 2004
Date 28th July 2004 Description Helvellyn
Start Point Glenridding Peaks Climbed Helvellyn 950m
Total Time 5hrs 50min   Helvellyn Lower Man 925m
Walking Time 4hrs 30min   White Side 863m
Stopped Time 1hrs 20min    
Distance 9.50 miles    
Moving Average 2.1 mph    
Elevation at Start 155 metres    
Total Ascent 950 metres Weather Sunny and warm
Max Elevation 950 metres Walking With No One
This was a really nice day with plenty of sunshine. It was my first ascent of Helvellyn and in fact turned out to be a great experience. Joined up with two walkers from Yorkshire from Striding Edge onwards. The walk along Striding Edge and the final ascent of Helvellyn was absolutely brilliant. I didn't know what to expect on Striding Edge but it was a real thrill and I think it was easier than I expected.
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Ullswater and Boat House
Travellers Rest Glenridding
Path crosses Mires Beck
Glenridding Ullswater and Silver Crag
Helvellyn from Birkhouse Moor
Hellvellyn from Hole-In-The-Wall
Towards Ullswater from Hole-In-The-Wall
Red Tarn from near Low Spying How
Path to Low Spying How and Striding Edge
Helvellyn and Red Tarn from Low Spying How
Dixon Memorial on Striding Edge
Striding Edge
High Spying How and Dixon Memorial
Helvellyn and Striding Edge
Red Tarn from final ascent of Helvellyn
Striding Edge from ascent of Helvellyn
Red Tarn & Striding Edge from Helvellyn
Red Tarn from Helvellyn Summit
Catstycam from Helvellyn Summit
Helvellyn Summit Trig Point and Catstycam
Helvellyn Summit Trig Point
Path to Helvellyn Lower Man
Helvellyn Lower Man with Thirlmere
Path to White Side with Raise in distance
White Side Summit
Raise from White Side
Blea Tarn and Langdales (the next day)

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