Biggin Trail - 23rd November 2005
Date 23rd November 2005 Description Biggin Trail
Start Point Alsop Station Car Park Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 4hrs 05min    
Walking Time 3hrs 05min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 00min    
Distance 10.45 miles    
Moving Average 3.4 mph    
Elevation at Start 278 metres Temperature 5°C
Total Ascent 169 metres Weather Foggy start then sunny
Max Elevation 342 metres Walking With No One

Alsop Station Car Park (Tissington Trail) - Lode Mill - Wolfscote Dale - Beresford Dale - Hartington - Biggin - Tissington Trail - Alsop Station Car Park


Not sure how today was going to turn out but it started quite foggy. As I started on the walk to Lode Mill the sun was trying to break through the fog. After arriving at Lode Mill I turned right onto the path following the River Dove to Wolfscote Dale. The weather conditions improved as I walked down through the dale. As I rounded one of the bends of the River Dove I spotted a Heron. It was very still and looking into the water. As I slowly approached closer it suddenly took flight and then out of the dale it disappeared. The reflections of the trees along some stretches of the river were lovely. Next it was on towards Beresford Dale. The fields between Wolfscote Dale and Beresford Dale were partially flooded but it did not hamper my walk. As I entered Beresford Dale a fallen tree blocked the path. I think the tree had been across the path for some time. After leaving Beresford Dale and walking through Morson Wood I headed for Hartington. The village of Hartington was fairly quiet (not like it is in the summer months). Then I walked out of the village opposite Hartington Youth Hostel on paths to Dale End and Biggin. I had never been to Biggin before. The Waterloo Inn is in the heart of the village. After a short distance out of Biggin I joined the Tissington Trail. There were several workmen on the trail carrying out repairs and maintenance work on the trail. The views from the trail were great. Eventually I arrived back at the car park. In the end it turned out to be a lovely day.

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River Dove near Lode Mill
River Dove
Waterfall on River Dove
Reflections in the water on River Dove
River Dove in Wolfscote Dale
More reflections - Wolfscote Dale
Gypsy Bank Bridge
Wolfscote Dale
Flooded field near Beresford Dale
Bridge over River Dove - Beresford Dale
A fallen tree blocks the path
Corner House - Hartington
Path to Dale End
Waterloo Inn - Biggin
Old petrol pump - Biggin
Tissington Trail near Biggin
Bridge over Tissington Trail
Cutting on Tissington Trail
Maintenance work on Tissington Trail
Tissington Trail - Johnsons Knoll on horizon

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