Bleaberry Fell - 29th October 2005
Date 29th October 2005 Description Bleaberry Fell
Start Point Keswick Moot Hall Peaks Climbed Walla Crag 379m
Total Time 4hrs 26min   Bleaberry Fell 590m
Walking Time 3hrs 36min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 50min    
Distance 8.96 miles    
Moving Average 2.5 mph    
Elevation at Start 95 metres    
Total Ascent 650 metres Weather Low cloud - rain to start then dry
Max Elevation 590 metres Walking With No One
I have been on holiday in the Lakes with my family this week and decided I could not go the whole time without a walk on the fells. The weather had not been very good for most of the week but today there was a slight improvement. Although there was a short burst of rain at the start of the walk the weather did become drier as the day progressed. The low cloud however did not lift much at all. My walk took me to Walla Crag and Bleaberry Fell. From the Moot Hall in Keswick I walked to Springs Farm, through some woods and then on to Rakefoot Farm. The climb to the summit of Walla Crag was a gentle one. The views from the summit were lovely but I am sure would have been a lot better if the cloud base had not been so low (not too good for photographs). From this point onwards the ground was very wet and extremely boggy in places. I had to pick my way across the bog very carefully. I walked via Brown Knotts and on towards Bleaberry Fell. The last section on the walk to the summit of Bleaberry Fell was fairly steep (the path was good though). I was well and truly in the cloud now. No views from the top. I met the first walkers of the day on the summit. They had walked from a nearby Youth Hostel and were on their way to Keswick. I returned back to Keswick the same way as I had come. I decided not to walk on to High Seat in the cloud. It was an enjoyable walk. Maybe next time I will have better weather conditions.
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Walk through Springs Wood
View back to Keswick
Walla Crag Summit
Derwentwater from Walla Crag
Looking back to Walla Crag
Path up Bleaberry Fell
Bleaberry Fell Summit Shelter
Bleaberry Fell Summit
View from path back down Bleaberry Fell
Walla Crag view towards Keswick
Walla Crag view to Dale Head
Walla Crag view to Derwentwater

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