Coniston Old Man - 4th March 2005
Date 4th March 2005 Description Coniston Old Man
Start Point Coniston Village Peaks Climbed Coniston Old Man 803m
Total Time 6hrs 23min   Brim Fell 796m
Walking Time 3hrs 50min   Swirl How 802m
Stopped Time 2hrs 33min    
Distance 8.13 miles    
Moving Average 2.1 mph    
Elevation at Start 56 metres    
Total Ascent 993 metres Weather Sunny but cold. Snow and Ice.
Max Elevation 803 metres Walking With No One
It was a lovely sunny day. The start of the walk through the disused quarries was an easy one. I then approached the line of snow and ice. The walk from below Low Water to the summit of Coniston Old Man was quite difficult and very icy. There was also a new fall of snow on the ground. The tops of the fells were icy. On the descent from Swirl How down Prison Band the snow was very deep and as on the ascent there was no clear path. However I did meet several walkers during the day. A great day full of excitement.
Brim Fell and Langdales from Old Man of Coniston Summit
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The Path to Old Man Coniston
Levers Water Beck Waterfall & Miners Bridge
Path through Coppermines Valley
Coniston Old Man from Coppermines Valley
Brim Fell and Swirl How
Looking Back To Coppermines Valley
Disused Coppermines Buildings
Disused Coppermines Buildings
Low Water with Brim Fell behind
Low Water from path up Coniston Old Man
Low Water with Brim Fell & Swirl How
Cave near top of Coniston Old Man
Mine Workings near top of Coniston Old Man
Coniston from near Coniston Old Man
Swirl How & Wetherlam from near Low Water
Snowy icy path up Coniston Old Man
Low Water Levers Water and Wetherlam
Coniston Old Man Summit
Another view of Coniston Old Man Summit
Coniston Old Man Summit Trig Point
Coniston Old Man Summit from near Brim Fell
Brim Fell Summit looking towards Scafell
Brim Fell Summit
Coniston Old Man from near Great How Crag
Swirl How and Black Sails
Seathwaite Tarn from Great How Crag
Black Sail & Wetherlam from Swirl How
Swirl How Summit
Another view from Swirl How Summit
Langdales from Swirl Hawse

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