Derwent Edge - 24th September 2005
Date 24th September 2005 Description Derwent Edge
Start Point Fairholmes Car Park Peaks Climbed Lost Lad 518m
Total Time 2hrs 56min   Back Tor 538m
Walking Time 2hrs 41min   White Tor 487m
Stopped Time 0hrs 15min   Wheel Stones 481m
Distance 8.45 miles    
Moving Average 3.1 mph    
Elevation at Start 214 metres    
Total Ascent 418 metres Weather Lovely warm sunny day - Hazy
Max Elevation 538 metres Walking With No One
A great day for a walk - blue sky, sun and a gentle breeze. It took a while to find a car parking slot in Fairholmes car park - very busy with tourists. The car park is situated between Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs. The walk took me along the edge of Derwent Reservoir. After half its length I took a path (Walkers Clough) through some woods and up on to the moors. After a short while I arrived at the ascent to Lost Lad. An excellent view in all directions from here. I could see the top of Back Tor just along the edge. The weathered rock formations were fantastic. The trig point on Back Tor was placed on top the rocks - it must have been a difficult job for someone to place it there. Then on to White Tor and Wheel Stones (locals call it the Coach and Horses). On the way down I passed through High House Farm before arriving back at Derwent Reservoir. Although it was a lovely sunny day the only slight downside was that there was a haze which made a few of the photographs a bit too bright.
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Tower at Derwent Reservoir Dam
Derwent Reservoir
Path up to Derwent Edge
Derwent Reservoir from path to Derwent Edge
Signpost on the way to Derwent Edge
Path leading up to Lost Lad
Lost Lad Summit
Back Tor from Lost Lad
Back Tor from Lost Lad path
A little nearer to Back Tor
Rock formation on Back Tor
Back Tor Summit
Back Tor
Back Tor on the horizon
Salt Cellar
White Tor Summit
Wheel Stones (Coach and Horses)
High House Farm
Lost Village Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir

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