High Street - 10th February 2005
Date 10th February 2005 Description High Street
Start Point Mardale Head Car Park Peaks Climbed Rough Crag 628m
Total Time 3hrs 58min   High Street 828m
Walking Time 2hrs 54min   Mardale Ill Bell 760m
Stopped Time 1hrs 04min    
Distance 6.67 miles    
Moving Average 2.3 mph    
Elevation at Start 242 metres  
Total Ascent 680 metres Weather Mainly sun. Cold & windy on top
Max Elevation 828 metres Walking With No One
Very few walkers around today. There had been a lot of rain the day before and the road to Mardale Head was partly flooded. Great views across Riggindale (and was that a Golden Eagle I saw?) Very cold and windy on High Street summit. Certainly a day not to hang around for long.
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Haweswater The Rigg and Harter Fell
Mardale & Mardale Ill Bell
Haweswater and Harter Fell
Haweswater from Swine Crag
Haweswater from Heron Crag
Haweswater from Eagle Crag
Blea Water and Mardale Ill Bell
Pond and Haweswater from near Rough Crag
Rough Crag Summit with High Street
Rough Crag Summit with Haweswater
Long Stile and High Street
Riggindale Rampsgill Head & Kidsty Pike
Riggindale Haweswater & Rough Crag Ridge
Icy Pond formation on High Street
High Street Summit
High Street Summit
High Street Summit
Fairfield Range from High Street
Leaving High Street Summit
Grey Crag Hayeswater & The Knott
High Street Roman Road
Long Stile and Kidsty Pike from High Street
Blea Water from Blea Water Crag
Mardale Ill Bell Summit with High Street
Mardale Ill Bell Summit
Haweswater from Mardale Ill Bell
Small Water & Haweswater from Nan Beild
Shelter at Nan Beild Pass
Small Water & Haweswater from Nan Beild
Small Water from Nan Beild Pass
Small Water Beck
Haweswater and The Rigg on the way home

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