Lathkill Dale - 6th December 2005
Date 6th December 2005 Description Lathkill Dale
Start Point Over Haddon Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 3hrs 27min    
Walking Time 2hrs 42min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 45min    
Distance 8.16 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph    
Elevation at Start 210 metres Temperature 4°C
Total Ascent 374 metres Weather Cloudy - Occassional Sun
Max Elevation 322 metres Walking With No One

Over Haddon - Lathkill Dale - Cales Dale - Calling Low - Youlgreave - Alport - Conksbury - Lathkill Dale - Over Haddon

A dry day but mainly cloudy. The sun when it did come out struggled to make any difference to the lighting conditions in the dales. The River Lathkill is a river which disappears in parts in the summer due to the limestone dale. In winter the water level increases therefore making the river visable once more. Due to this the river looks very green as the vegetation is noticeable just below the surface. It was a very interesting walk. In a field at Calling Low Farm there was a bull that seemed very interested in me but thankfully I managed to get to the next stile in good time. Part of this walk followed the White Peak Walk (only in reverse) that I completed earlier in the year. There were very few walkers around today.

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Information Board at start of Lathkill Dale walk
The River Lathkill looks green with vegetation
The River Lathkill
Wooden bridge over River Lathkill
Old Mining House
Down to the depths - Underground pump room
Trees in the River Lathkill
One of the many waterfalls along River Lathkill
Path crosses river and joins Limestone Way
Water rises from the ground
Farmland on Limestone Way
Derelict building on Limestone Way
Entering Youlgrave
Farmyard Inn - Youlgrave
River Lathkill near Alport
Trees near Conksbury Bridge
River Lathkill Weir on way to Over Haddon
River Lathkill near Over Haddon

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