Magpie Mine - 29th November 2005
Date 29th November 2005 Description Magpie Mine
Start Point Ashford in the Water Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 3hrs 30min    
Walking Time 2hrs 22min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 08min    
Distance 6.56 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 132 metres Temperature 2°C
Total Ascent 235 metres Weather Sunny - Snow on ground
Max Elevation

327 metres

Walking With No One

Ashford in the Water - River Wye - Great Shacklow Wood - Deep Dale - Sheldon - Magpie Mine - Sheldon - Little Shacklow Wood - Ashford in the Water

A nice day for walking although a little on the cool side. After a brief time in the village of Ashford in the Water I walked across the Sheepwash Bridge and up the A6 for a short distance before heading off towards Great Shacklow Wood. Once again lighting conditions were not brilliant as I walked by past the River Wye and through the woods. As I approached Deep Dale there was much more snow on the ground which made the walk very pleasant. Deep Dale is a nature reserve of scientific interest. Once I had reached the top of Deep Dale I turned up out of the dale towards Sheldon. The scenery around this point was lovely and the views across to Flagg and Magpie Mine were tremendous. My walk then sent me across a couple of fields before reaching the village of Sheldon. Then it was a short distance to Magpie Mine. The views of the mine were fantastic with the sun and snow. Magpie Mine was a lead mine and was worked off and on from 1682 for 300 years. It has over 20 shafts in addition to the impressive remaining buildings. The main building is the Cornish Engine House of c1869 with its distinctive round Cornish chimney. The main shaft is 600ft deep. Nearby are many other features including a steel winding drum and other winches. Three miners were suffocated by sulphurous fires deliberately set underground by opposing miners in 1833. After visiting the mine I retraced my steps back to Sheldon and then walked by Little Shacklow Wood back to Ashford in the Water. It was a very interesting day.

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Ashford in the Water Church
Ashford in the Water
17th Century Sheepwash Bridge - Ashford
Clear sky above Great Shacklow Wood
Pond next to River Wye
Sun shines on tree - Great Shacklow Wood
Path through Great Shacklow Wood
Start of Deep Dale
Deep Dale in the shade
Top of Deep Dale
Path heads off towards Sheldon
Looking towards Flagg
Looking to Sheldon - Magpie Mine on horizon
Start of Sheldon village
Magpie Mine
Magpie Mine - 17th century lead mine
Magpie Mine buildings
Magpie Mine site
Sheldon village
Path back to Ashford in the Water

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