Osmaston - 28th December 2005
Date 28th December 2005 Description Osmaston
Start Point Home Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 1hrs 49min    
Walking Time 1hrs 35min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 14min    
Distance 5.21 miles    
Moving Average 3.3 mph    
Elevation at Start 186 metres Temperature -1°C
Total Ascent 78 metres Weather Mainly sunny - Dusting of snow
Max Elevation 187 metres Walking With No One

Home - Osmaston - Wyaston - Home

We had snow yesterday and during the night but it did not amount to too much. Today was a lovely sunny start to the day and so I decided to walk from home to Osmaston. It was certainly a cold one. Very few walkers were around which was quite surprising as it was such a nice day and also so soon after christmas. I walked to Osmaston via Osmaston Lane End and the Peak Gateway Caravan Park. The pond in Osmason was partially frozen but two ducks had decided that it was good enough for them. The snow made the village look very pretty but the sun was low and therefore cast many shadows. On my way to Wyaston several dark clouds filled the sky but soon cleared to leave a sunny and cold day once more. Towards the end of the walk I had good views across to the Weaver Hills. That will be a walk another day.

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The start to the walk
Fields near the Peak Gateway Caravan Park
Pond on the way to Osmaston
A lonely tree
Osmaston Church
Osmaston Pond in centre of village
Thatched Cottage - Osmaston
A snowy Osmaston Pond
Fields on way to Wyaston
A hard day to find food
The day darkens
Ashbourne Golf Club - Weaver Hills on horizon

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