Pilsbury Castle - 19th December 2005
Date 19th December 2005 Description Pilsbury Castle
Start Point Hartington Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 4hrs 16min    
Walking Time 3hrs 21min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 55min    
Distance 9.68 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 228 metres Temperature 6°C
Total Ascent 326 metres Weather Sunny
Max Elevation 343 metres Walking With No One

Hartington - Pilsbury Castle - Crowdecote - Sheen - Hartington

Another lovely sunny day. My walk today was to Pilsbury Castle north of Hartington. The walk was quite muddy underfoot during parts but it was a very enjoyable one. I had never been to Pilsbury Castle before and in fact had not heard of it until quite recently. An artists impression of the castle is shown below.

The Information Sign at the Castle reads as follows ... "It is a motte and bailey castle and never had any stone buildings or walls. The motte or mound was the defensive core of the castle, probably with a wooden watchtower on top. The two baileys or enclosures contained timber buildings such as kitchens, stables, store-rooms and accomodation for the garrison. The baileys are protected by ditches, and banks which would have had a wooden palisade on top of them. There is evidence of a hollow-way (a sunken track) which would have been the access route from the south to an entrance in the southern bailey. Entry to the castle would have been across a bridge and through a gatehouse. The castle was built partly on a reef limestone knoll which is incorporated into its defences and extends onto a shale promontory overlooking the River Dove. It also overlooks a long rectangular hollow on the low ground north of the castle. This was probably a fishpondfor supplying the occupants of the castle. We do not know precisely when the castle was built. It was certainly built after the Norman Conquest of 1066 and may have been after the unsuccessful rebellion in the north against William the Conqueror in 1068-69 as a reminder of the power of the king. Certainly, the castle would have controlled the Dove valley, the local population and all traffic along the valley route. The castle may only have continued in use for a few decades into the 12th century".

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Hartington Village Pond
The Old Cheese Shop Hartington
Hartington Church
The footpath is further up the road!!
Above Bank Top Farm
Looking across to Sheen
Calder Low
Half way to Pilsbury
The road descends to Pilsbury
The path heads for Crowdecote
Pilsbury Castle ruins - Parkhouse Hill beyond
Entrance to Pilsbury Castle
Pilsbury Castle sign
Remains of Pilsbury Castle
View from top of Pilsbury Castle
Down valley to Parkhouse Hill from Pilsbury
Track to Crowdecote
Parkhouse Hill Chrome Hill & High Wheeldon
Looking back up valley on way to Sheen
The sun hides behind a cloud

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