The Roaches & Luds Church - 9th October 2005
Date 9th October 2005 Description The Roaches & Luds Church
Start Point Rockhall Cottage Car Park Peaks Climbed Hen Cloud 410m
Total Time 3hrs 25min   The Roaches 505m
Walking Time 2hrs 50min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 35min    
Distance 8.14 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 322 metres  
Total Ascent 510 metres Weather Cool - partly hazy dry day
Max Elevation 505 metres Walking With No One
An early start and a cool start too at only 2°C. Only one other car in the roadside parking when I arrived. Decided to walk up Hen Cloud (410m) which was in addition to the usual route to the Roaches. It was slightly hazy throughout the day but the views were quite good. The ground was very wet from the rain we had during the previous week (so muddy and slippy in places). After the ascent of Hen Cloud it was on to the Roaches. During the walk on the ridge I came across Doxey Pool which is a lovely place for a short break. Good views from the summit of the Roaches. Walked to Roach End and then through Forest Wood (very wet and muddy in places). In the wood is Luds Church (a natural chasm) which I walked through. It was very atmospheric and with no one around it was quite spooky. My walk continued through the wood and then eventually back onto the ridge and back to Roach End. I decided to walk back to the car via the road which took me below Five Clouds. It was a really enjoyable walk.
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View to Tittersworth Reservoir
Hen Cloud
Tittersworth Reservoir from Hen Cloud
The Roaches from Hen Cloud Summit
Path to The Roaches
Doxey Pool on The Roaches
The Roaches Summit
The Roaches ridge path
Luds Church
Down through Luds Church
The path back above Back Forest
The ridge on the walk back
Climbers at Rockhall
Rockhall Cottage

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