Skiddaw - 29th April 2005
Date 29th April 2005 Description Skiddaw
Start Point Lay-by near High Side Peaks Climbed Ullock Pike 680m
Total Time 4hrs 25min   Long Side 733m
Walking Time 3hrs 25min   Carl Side 746m
Stopped Time 1hrs 00min   Skiddaw 931m
Distance 8.98 miles   Bakestall 673m
Moving Average 2.6 mph    
Elevation at Start 156 metres Temperature 16°C
Total Ascent 1,006 metres Weather Sunny - Windy on Skiddaw
Max Elevation 931 metres Walking With No One
Picked a good day to ascent Skiddaw although it was very windy on the summit. Ullock Pike is very distinctive peak and resembles at small "Matterhorn". The views to Bassenthwaite Lake from Ullock Pike and Long Side were fantastic. Met with walkers who had the day before seen the newly hatched Ospreys near the Lake.
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Sheep near High Side
Watches Summit
Path to Ullock Pike
Bassenthwaite from path up Ullock Pike
Path continues to Ullock Pike
Looking down "The Edge"
Another view down "The Edge"
Ullock Pike Summit and Bassenthwaite
Ullock Pike Summit with Newlands Horseshoe
Ullock Pike ridge
Long Side Summit with Skiddaw
Long Side Summit with Skiddaw Little Man
Long Side Summit with Ullock Pike
Carl Side Summit with Skiddaw
Carl Side Summit with Long Side
Path up Skiddaw
Top of path up Skiddaw looking to Summit
"The Edge" with Skiddaw ridge
Me at Summit of Skiddaw
Blencathra from Skiddaw
Skiddaw Summit and Bassenthwaite
Skiddaw Main Summit (High Man)
Skiddaw Summit
Skiddaw Summit looking north
Path to Bakestall from Skiddaw
Bakestall Summit
Bakestall Summit with Great Calva
Whitewater Dash

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