White Peak Walk - 9th July 2005
Date 9th July 2005 Description White Peak Walk
Start Point Monyash Village Peaks Climbed  
Total Time (###) 9hrs 25min
Time taken for all statistics
Walking Time 8hrs 33min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 52min    
Distance 26.50 miles    
Moving Average 3.1 mph Overall Average 2.8 mph
Elevation at Start 265 metres Temperature 30-34°C
Total Ascent 1,075 metres Weather Very hot and sunny
Max Elevation 422 metres Walking With 295 walkers (inc Mark)
This was a 26 mile Challenge Walk around the beautiful Hills and Dales of the White Peak area of Derbyshire starting and finishing in the village of Monyash. The walk had to be completed within 12 hours. It was a scorcher of a day with brilliant sunshine and temperatures in excess of 30C. There were 295 walkers who started the walk of which 61 had to retire leaving 234 who finished. Water consumption en route was very high due to the excessive temperatures. The first walker back to Monyash took only 3 hours 58 minutes (this was running and not walking). This was my first long distance walk and I completed it without too much trouble. My colleague Mark was unfortunately plagued by blisters from about half way and so was not able to keep up with me on this occassion. He did finish in the end though. Refreshments were awaiting on our return (pie, peas and drinks) which were very welcome.
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Everyone gathering for the start - Monyash
And off we all go ... across the fields ...
... minding the cows ...
... through the long grass ...
... through the stiles and gates ...
... down along the dales ...
... refreshments at the checkpoints ...
... pphhww this is hard work ...
... then along the Monsal Trail ...
... more fields ...
... lots more refreshments at checkpoints ...
Will we ever get back to Monyash?

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