Alport Castles - 22nd March 2006
Date 22nd March 2006 Description Alport Castles
Start Point Fairholmes Car Park Peaks Climbed Alport Castles 487m
Total Time 5hrs 00min    
Walking Time 4hrs 54min    
Stopped Time 1hr 22min    
Distance 14.25 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 224 metres Temperature 4°C
Total Ascent 932 metres Weather Sunny but Cool
Max Elevation 487 metres Walking With No One

Fairholmes Car Park (Upper Derwent Valley) - Bridge End Car Park - Rowlee Pasture - Alport Castles - Alport Castles Farm - Alport Bridge - Upper Ashop Farm - Hope Cross - Haggwater Bridge - Hagg Farm - Lockerbrook Farm - Fairholmes Car Park (Upper Derwent Valley)

ALPORT CASTLES - The largest landslip in the Peak and possibly Britain. The effects of the retreating Ice Age created the fortress like "Tower".

This was the first really nice day we have had for three weeks. Started from Fairholmes Car Park and headed on the path next to Ladybower Reservior for Bridge End Car Park. There was a bit of a nip in the air but just right for walking. From Bridge End it was an ascent up the path to just above Hagg Farm. There is a few ways to take from here but I carried straight on up onto Rowlee Pasture. The path ascends to about 483 metres along this route. It changes from a normal moorland path to a paved path which continues for about 1 mile then reverts back to a moorland path. At this point one can make out Alport Castles in the distance. The viewpoint for Alport Castles is at an old wall which lies at right angles to the cliff edge. Great views from here and all along the cliff edge to "The Tower". It was about 487 metres at this point. There was still a little snow lying around especially next to the cliff edges. The path then retraces itself for about 500 metres before descending down to Alport Castles Farm. I then crossed a woodden footbridge over the River Alport and joined a small road back to the A57. Just before the A57 I took a short cut across to Alport Bridge. Then I crossed the A57 and followed the path steeply up to Upper Ashop Farm. There were some very inquisative sheep here. The path then joined an old Roman Road before skirting Blackley Hey. After following this route for almost 2 miles I arrived at Hope Cross. My walk then retraced back 100 metres before descending through pinewoods to Haggwater Bridge. I crossed the River Ashop here and then walked over the A57 and then up steeply once again to pass Hagg Farm. I took a path up onto Rowlee Pasture which I followed for about a mile before retracing my steps as I decided I had taken the wrong path. Followed bridalway to Lockerbrook Farm and then decended through woods back down to Fairholmes Car Park. This was a lovely long walk.

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Jetty on Ladybower Reservoir with Crook Hill
Ladybower Reservoir from Bridge End
Ladybower Reservoir from near Fairholmes
Ladybower Reservoir from near Fairholmes
Aqueduct over Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir from Bridge End path
Lose Hill - Back Tor - Mam Tor
Woodlands Valley from Hagg Side path
"Designs in the sky" near Rowlee Pasture
Path up Rowlee Pasture
Woodlands Valley from Rowlee Pasture path
Howden Dam and Reservoir
Start of paved path on Rowlee Pasture
Path continues across Rowlee Pasture
View to Alport Castles from Rowlee Pasture
Approaching Alport Castles
"The Tower" Alport Castles
"The Tower" from Alport Castles Summit
Alport Castles cliffs
Path to Birchin Hat and Alport Moor
"The Tower" from descent of Alport Castles
Alport Castles - Cliffs and Tower
Alport Castles
Alport Castles from Alport Castles farm
Path down to Alport Castles farm
Alport Valley
Footbridge over River Alport
River Alport from woodden footbridge
Alport Castles from Alport Castles farm
River Alport at Alport Bridge on A57
River Alport meets River Ashop
Alport Valley from near Hope Cross
Hope Cross and Roman Road
Hope Cross
Path to Lockerbrook farm from Hagg farm
Hope Cross to Glossop

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