Alstonefield - 21st October 2006
Date 21st October 2006 Description Alstonefield
Start Point Alstonefield Peaks Climbed Narrowdale Hill 367m
Total Time 2hrs 20min    
Walking Time 1hrs 56min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 24min    
Distance 5.60 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 283 metres Temperature 15°C
Total Ascent 281 metres Weather Sunny
Max Elevation 378 metres Walking With No One

Alstonefield - Low Plantation - Narrowdale Hill - Narrowdale - Wolfscote Dale - Gipsy Bank - Alstonefield

This was a short stroll in a lovely part of Derbyshire. The walk starts in Alstonefield where there is plenty of places to park. The village also has a great pub which has lots of character. My walk included a trek up to the summit of Narrowdale Hill where fantastic views to the north can be seen. One can actually see Parkhouse Hill and Chrome Hill (on a clear day) which are at the northern end of the River Dove. The climb out of the dale at Gipsy Bank is quite steep. In fact the walk that I followed out of the guide book actually was in reverse so normally one would be descending into the dale at this point. Green Well is well worth the visit with its facinating history. Also dont miss a visit to The George.

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Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Car Park in Alstonefield
Alstonefield village
The George - Alstonefield
Green Well - Alstonefield
Farm Equipment - Alstonefield
Low Plantation - Alstonefield
View to Narrowdale Hill
Narrowdale Hill from Low Plantation
Narrowdale Hill
View north from Narrowdale Hill
View from Narrowdale Hill
Path in Narrowdale Hamlet
Path leading away from Narrowdale
Path to Wolfscote Dale
River Dove near Wolfscote Dale
Cliffs in Woldscote Dale
River Dove in Wolfscote Dale
Cave in Wolfscote Dale
River Dove at Gipsy Bank
Gipsy Bank Footbridge
Stile over wall near Gipsy Bank
Farm track on return to Alstonefield
Green Well - Alstonefield

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