Chee Dale & Chelmorton - 1st April 2006
Date 1st April 2006 Description Chee Dale & Chelmorton
Start Point Wyedale Car Park Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 5hrs 35min    
Walking Time 4hrs 20min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 15min    
Distance 10.80 miles    
Moving Average 2.5 mph    
Elevation at Start 236 metres Temperature 10°C
Total Ascent 526 metres Weather Mainly Sunny - Hail Storm
Max Elevation 425 metres Walking With No One
Wyedale Car Park - Chee Dale - Monsal Trail - Millers Dale - Priestcliffe - Waterloo Inn - Limestone Way - Taddington Moor - Chelmorton - Horseshoe Dale - Deep Dale - Wyedale Car Park 

A lovely sunny day for most of the time although there was a heavy hail storm for about 10 minutes while I was in Chee Dale. Started my walk at Wyedale Car Park on the A6. I followed the Monsal Trail as far as Chee Dale then descended to walk alongside the River Wye. There had been a lot of rain over the past few days so I hoped the path was passable. I arrived at the first series of Stepping Stones. The river was high and the water was about 6 inches above most of the stones.

I walked across the stones very carefully and managed to reach the other side. The second series of Stepping Stones were much easier to walk across. I then walked on to Millers Dale and had my picnic lunch at the railway station. My walk then continued along the Monsal Trail, up past Millers Dale Quarry, and on to Priestcliffe. I then joined the Limestone Way before heading across fields to Chelmorton. Then it was more fields to cross. Eventually I arrived at the head of Horseshoe Dale. This was a very quiet dale with no one around. I then entered Deep Dale which was much more overgrown. I visited Thurst House Cave on my journey through the dale. At the end of Deep Dale I went past Topley Pike Quarry before crossing the A6 and back to my car. It was a really enjoyable walk.
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Wye Dale
Blackwell Mill Cottages - Wye Dale
Monsal Trail through Chee Dale
Limestone cliffs in Chee Dale
Monsal Trail through Chee Dale
Limestone cliffs in Chee Dale
Butterbur on River Wye
River Wye in Chee Dale
Stepping Stones in Chee Dale
Stepping Stones in Chee Dale submerged
Stepping Stones in Chee Dale submerged
Stepping Stones in Chee Dale just passable
Nearly at the end of the first Stepping Stones
Path along River Wye in Chee Dale
Second Stepping Stones in Chee Dale
Stones are not submerged this time
At the end of the second Stepping Stones
A bend in the River Wye in Chee Dale
Board walks over wetlands in Chee Dale
River Wye near Millers Dale
Limekiln on Monsal Trail - Millers Dale
Millers Dale Station - Monsal Trail
Above Millers Dale Quarry
Sqeezer Stile on route to Priestcliffe
Lane near Priestcliffe
Waterloo Inn and track to Taddington Moor
Track to Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Path to Chelmorton
Chelmorton Church
Chelmorton Troughs
Horseshoe Dale
Horseshoe Dale
Horseshoe Dale
Deep Dale
Deep Dale - Path hard to follow here
Thurst House Cave
Thurst House Cave
Deep Dale
Deep Dale

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