Dovestone - 7th October 2006
Date 7th October 2006 Description Dovestone
Start Point Dovestone Reservoir CP Peaks Climbed Great Dovestone Rocks 457m
Total Time 4hrs 36min    
Walking Time 3hrs 16min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 20min    
Distance 9.60 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 219 metres Temperature 15°C
Total Ascent 616 metres Weather Mainly Sunny - Windy on Tops
Max Elevation 491 metres Walking With No One

Dovestone Reservoir - Yeoman Hey Reservoir - Greenfield Reservoir - Greenfield Brook - Birchin Clough - Saddleworth Moor - The Trinnacle - Ashway Cross - Ashway Stone - Great Dovestone Rocks - Bramleys Cot - Chew Reservoir - Dovestone Reservoir

This walk is in the northern area of the Peak District around the high moors of Saddleworth Moor. There are four reservoirs along the route. Dovestone Reservoir is where the walk commences from and then follows a path next to the first three reservoirs and ascends slowly. Yeoman Hey Reservoir was built in 1880 and Greenfield Reservoir in 1903. As one walks up beside Greenfield Brook the Trinnacle comes into view on the right. The way up Birchin Clough is not easy. Two or three short scrambles are required but the cascades one passes are lovely. Once up Birchin Clough one has to ford the brook (not easy in spate) to climb the hill up on to the edges. Along the edge is Ashway Cross (or the Platt Memorial). So many excellent views can been seen along the entire walk along the edges to Chew Reservoir built in 1912.

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Reference Books Used

High Peak Walks by Mark Richards (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Dovestone Reservoir
Boat on Dovestone Reservoir
Sailing Club at Dovestone Reservoir with Wimberry Rocks
Dovestone Reservoir
Path next to Dovestone Reservoir
Approaching Yeoman Hey Reservoir
Yeoman Hey Reservoir
Ashway Rocks & Yeoman Hey Reservoir
Ashway Gap & Great Dovestone Rocks with Yeoman Hey Reservoir
Watercourse between Yeoman Hey Reservoir & Greenfield Reservoir
Yeoman Hey Reservoir & Aldermans Hill
Greenfield Reservoir
Path leading away from Greenfield Reservoir
Greenfield Brook
Water Ladder near Greenfield Brook
Greenfield Brook
Birchin Clough
Brook in Birchin Clough
Cascade in Birchin Clough
Over hanging rock with Saddleworth Moor
Over hanging rock with Saddleworth Moor
Greenfield Reservoir from near The Trinnacle
The Trinnacle
The Trinnacle
Greenfield Reservoir from The Trinnacle
Greenfield Reservoir from Ravenstones
Cascade in Birchin Clough
The Trinnacle
Yeoman Hey Reservoir from Ashway Rocks
Yeoman Hey & Dovestone Reservoirs from Ashway Rocks
Dovestone Reservoir from Ashway Rocks
Ashway Cross
Aldermans Hill & Yeoman Hey Reservoir seen across area of peat near Ashway Crosss
Dovestone Reservoir from Dean Rocks
Dovestone Reservoir from Dean Rocks
Great Dovestone Rocks Summit
Great Dovestone Rocks Summit & Yeoman Hey Reservoir
Great Dovestone Rocks Summit & Dovestone Reservor
Bramleys Cot
Path along edge to Chew Reservoir
Chew Reservoir
Chew Reservoir
Road following Chew Brook back to Dovestone Reservoir
Ashway Cross

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