Five Wells - 2nd December 2006
Date 2nd December 2006 Description Five Wells
Start Point Chelmorton Peaks Climbed Sough Top 438m
Total Time 3hrs 32min    
Walking Time 2hrs 42min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 50min    
Distance 7.98 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph    
Elevation at Start 365 metres Temperature 5°C
Total Ascent 331 metres Weather Sunny with slight breeze
Max Elevation 438 metres Walking With No One

Chelmorton (Church Lane) - Five Wells Chambered Cairn - Sough Top - Taddington - Humphrey Gate - The Jarnett - Flagg - Chelmorton (Church Lane)

The intention of todays walk was to visit the neolithic chambered cairn at Five Wells. It turned out to be a lovely sunny day after a slightly overcast start. The walk was an easy one along well defined paths. The fields on the approach to Taddington were fairly steep and quite muddy in places. Five Wells chambered cairn extends to a diameter of 70 feet. The burial site had two wedge shaped chambers at its centre resting back to back each with a passage leading to the stone curbed periphery. Though now roofless parts of twelve human skeletons were found during excavations in 1846 and 1899. Further along the walk is Sough Top with its Radio Mast, Reservoir (Severn Trent) and Trig Point (438 metres). The trig point is situated in a field close to the walk (however there is no access to the trig point itself). I encounted a flock of birds under attack near the village of Flagg. The attack lasted for several minutes until they managed to disperse. Above Taddington near Humphrey Gate is an interesting pond which is certainly full of history and is called Taddington Moor High Mere.

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Reference Books Used

White Peak Walks - The Northern Dales by Mark Richards (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Lane off Church Lane - Chelmorton
Church Inn - Chelmorton
Near Chelmorton Low - Chelmorton
Looking towards Chelmorton Low
View north from Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Five Wells Chambered Cairn looking north
Five Wells Chambered Cairn
Path to Five Wells Farm
Gate on Limestone Way near Five Wells Farm
Looking back to Five Wells Farm
Sough Top Radio Mast
Sough Top Trig Point
Sough Top Trig Point
Sough Top Reservoir
View to Taddington
Path to Taddington
Taddington village
Taddington Church
Taddington Church
View towards Wye valley from Humphrey Gate
View from Humphrey Gate
Taddington Moor High Mere
Taddington Moor High Mere sign
Darkening skies near Flagg
Birds being attacked
Darkening skies near Chelmorton
Chelmorton Low

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