Great Gable - 26th April 2006
Date 26th April 2006 Description Great Gable
Start Point Wasdale Head Village Green Peaks Climbed Great Gable 899m
Total Time 5hrs 29min    
Walking Time 3hrs 26min    
Stopped Time 2hrs 03min    
Distance 6.60 miles    
Moving Average 1.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 82 metres Temperature 11°C
Total Ascent 911 metres Weather Rain (Sty Head) then Low Cloud
Max Elevation 899 metres Walking With No One

Wasdale Head Village Green - Styhead Path - Great Gable - Beck Head - Wasdale Head Village Green

A very overcast and cloudy day. I decided to walk up the Sty Head Path to start my ascent of Great Gable. There was some drizzle before I reached the stretcher box. The path up to Great Gable was paved most of the way. No view on top. I had a quick glimpse of Wastwater and Wasdale as the clouds cleared at Westmorland Cairn for a very short time. I descended the steep rocky and scree slope back down to Beck Head.

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A cloudy scene awaits
Ritsons Bar - Wasdale Head
Bridge over Mosedale Beck Wasdale Head
One of many footbridges over Fogmire Beck
An overcast view from Wasdale valley
Near Burnthwaite Farm
Great Gable in the cloud
Looking back down the Sty Head Path
Skew Gill from Sty Head
Styhead Tarn
Stretcher Box at Sty Head
Start of ascent up Great Gable
Styhead Tarn from ascent of Great Gable
A well paved path makes the ascent easier
Styhead Tarn from further up path
Great Gable Summit in the cloud
Wasdale Head from Great Gable
Wasdale Head from Westmorland Cairn
High Stile and High Crag from Great Gable
Ennerdale from Great Gable
Beck Head
Wasdale Head from Beck Head
Scree slopes below Beck Head
Great Napes from path down Great Gable
Wasdale valley from near Sty Head Path
Another view of Great Napes
Looking up Sty Head once more
One of the many sheep

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