Hayfield - 12th August 2006
Date 12th August 2006 Description Hayfield
Start Point Bowden Bridge Car Park Peaks Climbed Mount Famine 473m
Total Time 4hrs 55min   South Head 494m
Walking Time 3hrs 45min   Lantern Pike 373m
Stopped Time 1hrs 10min    
Distance 10.50 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 214 metres Temperature 18°C
Total Ascent 848 metres Weather Sunny Intervals
Max Elevation 494 metres Walking With No One

Bowden Bridge Car Park - Mount Famine - South Head - Peep-O-Day - Birch Vale - Lantern Pike - Little Hayfield - Middle Moor - White Brow - Bowden Bridge Car Park

A great days walk with many sunny spells. This walk has a variety of scenery and also is easy to follow with many good paths. It is well worth the excursion to Mount Famine and South Head instead of cutting straight across to Peep o Day. There are many stunning views and several hill climbs.

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Reference Books Used

Day Walks in the Peak District by Norman Taylor & Barry Pope (V-Graphics)
Maps Used
OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Bowden Bridge Car Park - near Hayfield
Cows near Bowden Bridge Car Park
Path to Mount Famine
Kinder Scout comes into view
View towards Kinder Scout
Kinder Scout from Mount Famine
South Head from Mount Famine
View from Mount Famine
Kinder Low from Mount Famine
Mount Famine rocks
West from descent of Mount Famine
Kinder Low
Mount Famine from ascent of South Head
Plaque on South Head
South Head Summit
South Head Summit with Mount Famine
South Head Summit and Edale
South Head Summit and Kinder Scout
Path on descent of South Head
View on descent of South Head
Path near Higher Hills Cottage
Path near Higher Hills Cottage
Lantern Pike from near Birch Vale
Pond near Sett Valley Trail
Hayfield from ascent of Lantern Pike
View towards New Mills from Lantern Pike
Lantern Pike Summit with Hayfield
Lantern Pike Summit with Kinder Scout
Lantern Pike Summit
Mill at Little Hayfield
Path through heather across Middle Moor
Heather on Middle Moor
Shooting Cabin on Middle Moor
Shooting Cabin on Middle Moor
Kinder Reservoir with Kinder Scout
Kinder Reservoir
Kinder Reservoir with Kinder Scout
Ashes Farm sign
South Head sign
A poem on a seat
Another poem on a seat

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