Hollington - 15th July 2006
Date 15th July 2006 Description Hollington
Start Point Brailsford Church Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 2hrs 38min    
Walking Time 2hrs 14min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 24min    
Distance 6.25 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 131 metres Temperature 25°C
Total Ascent 114 metres Weather Sunny and Warm
Max Elevation 137 metres Walking With No One

Brailsford Church (All Saints) - Hollington - Wormsley - Ednaston - Brailsford Church (All Saints)

This was a walk through a very quiet part of Derbyshire. It was very warm but not too humid. I parked my car at in the large car park at Brailsford Church. The Church is down a long single track road outside the village of Brailsford. I decided to look around the church before setting off on my walk. As I approached the church I was met by a gentleman who informed me that I had better look around the church as soon as possible as they were about to start a bell ringing contest between the local villages. I wandered around the church then on my way out the same gentleman asked where I was heading for. I explained I was following a walk from a local book (as I produced the book from my pocket). Once I told him which walk it was he told me I was walking one his best walks. He continued to tell me that he had actually produced the book!!! How amazing is that!!! I set off across the fields towards Hollington. Many of the fields were full of various crops and therefore I had to walk around the edges of the fields instead of following a path across them. I soon reached the lovely Brailsford Brook. I took a few photos around here and then continued to Hollington. Once in the village I walked along the main lane to the junction with Shirley Lane. There was no movement in the village at all (people or cars). I then walked across fields to the outskirts of Shirley. Still no sign of anyone. Onwards across fields once more to Ednaston passing Ednaston Hall. Not far now back to Brailsford Church. As I left Ednaston I could here the bell ringing contest in full swing. No chance of getting lost as I just had to follow the pealing bells.

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Reference Books Used

Rambling Around Brailsford & Ednaston by George Beavis (Brambles)
Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Brailsford Churchyard
Brailsford Churchyard
Brailsford Church
Corn field near Brailsford Church
Path leading away from Brailsford Church
Brailsford Brook
Brailsford Brook
Brailsford Brook
Path across Brailsford Brook
Fields of Potatoes near Hollington
Watering crops at Hollington - with leaky pipe
Pond near Hollington
Hollington Village
Hollington Village
Red Admiral Butterfly
View to Shirley from Hollington
More fields of Potatoes
Thistle hedge
On the way to Ednaston
Path over Wheat field on way to Ednaston
Ednaston Hall
Well at Ednaston Hall
Path over fields back to Brailsford Church
Field near Brailsford Church
"Spooky Light" shines on brook
More Potato fields
Cross in Brailsford Churchyard
Brailsford Church Gates
Brailsford Church
Cross in Brailsford Churchyard

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