Kinder Edges - 28th January 2006
Date 28th January 2006 Description Kinder Edges
Start Point Edale Car Park Peaks Climbed Ringing Roger 550m
Total Time 4hrs 08min   Nether Tor 570m
Walking Time 3hrs 17min   Grindslow Knoll 601m
Stopped Time 0hrs 51min   Crowden Tower 619m
Distance 8.95 miles    
Moving Average 2.7 mph    
Elevation at Start 239 metres Temperature 1°C
Total Ascent 724 metres Weather Mainly sunny - Ice & Snow tops
Max Elevation 619 metres Walking With No One

Edale - The Nab - Ringing Roger - Nether Tor - Grindslow Knoll - Crowden Tower - Wool Packs - Pym Chair - Jacobs Ladder - Upper Booth - Pennine Way Path - Edale

It was such a lovely sunny day I decided to change my mind where I was going to walk today. Originally I was going to walk up Win Hill near Hope but as the Kinder Edges were not too far away I thought I would have a better walk at a higher altitude. The last time I walked in this area the weather was not great. I took the Grindslow path out of Edale then took the right path up to The Nab and Ringing Roger. There were lots of walkers around today. I suppose there are always more walkers at a weekend and the good weather must have helped too. Next it was round Nether Tor and along the edges to Grindslow. It was icy on the paths and a dusting of snow lay all around. It was very nice really. The temperature was quite low at 1°C and went much lower when there was a occassional gust of wind. The light conditions improved throughout the walk. Took a detour to Grindslow Knoll before heading to Crowden Tower. The path was very icy as I made the ascent to the top. Great views from the top and lots of walkers around too. Then I walked through the Wool Packs - certainly a very strange landscape - this area is also called Whipsnade. Took some good photographs here. The path through the Wool Packs is not the most obvious but fairly easy to navigate. As the ground was frozen the peaty muddy ground was solid so walking was made much easier. Then I walked to Pym Chair - again great views. My return path was via Jacobs Ladder Upper Booth and finally the Pennine Way back to Edale.

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Old Nags Head - Start of Pennine Way
Leaving the Grindslow Path
Ringing Roger
Nether Tor from Ringing Roger
A dusting of snow and ice on the Edge
The path near Upper Tor
An icy footprint
At the top of Grindsbrook Clough
Rock formation near Grindsbrook Clough
A busy day at Grindsbrook Clough
The top of Crowden Clough
Crowden Tower
The Wool Packs
The Wool Packs again...
The Wool Packs or "Whipsnade"
Frosty grass
Pym Chair
Jacobs Ladder
Path to Edale with Lose Hill & Back Tor

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