Monks Dale - 11th June 2006
Date 11th June 2006 Description Monks Dale
Start Point Tideswell Dale Car Park Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 5hrs 10min    
Walking Time 4hrs 12min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 58min    
Distance 11.96 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 241 metres Temperature 22°C
Total Ascent 575 metres Weather Sunny
Max Elevation 349 metres Walking With No One
Tideswell Dale Car Park - Tideswell Dale - Litton Mill - Millers Dale - Water Cum Jolly Dale - Cressbrook Dale - Tansley Dale - Litton - Tideswell - Summer Cross - Monks Dale - Monsal Trail - Litton Mill - Tideswell Dale - Tideswell Dale Car Park

Started my walk in Tideswell Dale. It was a lovely sunny day today. Walked to Litton Mill and then followed the River Wye to Millers Dale. The River starts to widen after a while and then one enters Water Cum Jolly Dale. A very small dale which gets flooded in the winter months but is a delightful sight with its limestone "Rubicon Wall". There is a great view from the other side of the River looking towards the "Rubicon Wall" with the weir in the foreground. I then walked through Cressbrook Mill and on to Cressbrook Dale. I did not walk through the bottom of the dale but above and then crossed it. The next dale was Tansley Dale which took me near to the village of Litton. I carried on to Tideswell and then on to Monks Dale. This was like walking through a jungle - very overgrown and indistinct slippery paths. Walked along Monsal Trail to return to start.

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Reference Books Used

50 Walks in The Peak District (AA)
Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Tideswell Dale
Tideswell Dale
Path in Tideswell Dale
River Wye
Houses at Litton Mill
Path next to River Wye near Litton Mill
Litton Mill
Litton Mill
River Wye in Water Cum Jolly Dale
River Wye in Water Cum Jolly Dale
Rubicon Wall and River Wye
Rubicon Wall in Water Cum Jolly Dale
Rubicon Wall & weir in Water Cum Jolly Dale
Ox-Eye Daisies in Water Cum Jolly Dale
Cressbrook Mill
"Wild Garlic" in woods in Cressbrook Dale
Path above Cressbrook Dale
Footbridge over stream in Cressbrook Dale
Top of Cressbrook Dale
Another view of top of Cressbrook Dale
Stepping Stones on dry stream - Tansley Dale
Tansley Dale
Litton village
Cows near Tideswell
Tideswell Church "Cathedral Of The Peak"
Looking to the start of Monks Dale
A very overgrown Monks Dale
Monks Dale with its very indistinct path
Stream in Monks Dale
Monks Dale
Looking back to Monks Dale
Stream in the woods near Monks Dale
Millers Dale Meal Mill
Monsal Trail
Litton Mill Railway Cutting Information Board
River Wye at Litton Mill

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