Robin Hoods Stride - 16th December 2006
Date 16th December 2006 Description Robin Hoods Stride
Start Point Near Robin Hoods Stride Peaks Climbed Robin Hoods Stride 250m
Total Time 2hrs 52min   Cratcliffe Tor 244m
Walking Time 2hrs 12min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 40min    
Distance 6.59 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph    
Elevation at Start 178 metres Temperature 4°C
Total Ascent 324 metres Weather Sunny and cool
Max Elevation 274 metres Walking With No One

B5056 - Birchover - Winster - Elton - Harthill Moor - Robin Hoods Stride - Cratcliffe Tor

After a disappointing visit to Longdendale in the far north of Derbyshire earlier in the day where the clouds were very low and it was raining I decided to travel south to the Bakewell area. Here it was dry and sunny. My walk started from a layby on the B5056 near Robin Hoods Stride. The path to Birchover is uphill to start with but is easy to follow. As one enters Birchover you pass Rowtor Rocks. Then it is south across fields to Winster (again it is an easy path to follow). Winster is famous for its ancient Market Hall (National Trust). The walk then follows paths to the village of Elton with its one main street. At the church in the centre of the village my walk then went along Well Street and then across fields and across a road towards Harthill Moor. Eventually I arrived at Robin Hoods Stride. This is a gritstone outcrop and acts as an important landmark down the ages. It can be no coincidence that the Old Port Way (ancient road) passes by so closely. One cannot really say if it is true that once upon a time the outlaw of Loxley once stood here. Looking at Robin Hoods Stride from Harthill Moor the highest points are called Weasel Pinnacle on the left and Innaccessible Pinnacle on the right. Robin Hoods Stride is also called the Mock Beggars' Hall. Cratcliffe Tor (or Rocks) is opposite Robin Hoods Stride over Old Port Way. These rocks are used regularly by rock climbers. There is a Hermitage Cave under the rocks but I did not visit them on this occassion.

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Reference Books Used

Walking Country - Southern Peak by Paul Hannon (Hillside)
  White Peak Walks - The Southern Dales by Mark Richards (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Path to Dudwood Farm
Fields at end of Dudwood Lane
Path up to Cratcliffe Tor
Cratcliffe Tor
Path to Robin Hoods Stride
Robin Hoods Stride - Innaccessible Pinnacle on right - Weasel Pinnacle on left
Robin Hoods Stride
Robin Hoods Stride
Robin Hoods Stride - Weasel Pinnacle
Sunset at Robin Hoods Stride
Sunset at Robin Hoods Stride with Innaccessible Pinnacle
Cratcliffe Tor Summit
Cratcliffe Tor Summit
Cratcliffe Tor Summit
Cratcliffe Tor Summit
Cratcliffe Tor Summit
Sunset at Cratcliffe Tor
Sunset at Cratcliffe Tor
Sunset at Cratcliffe Tor
Sunset at Cratcliffe Tor looking towards Robin Hoods Stride

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