Shutlingsloe - 11th January 2006
Date 11th January 2006 Description Shutlingsloe
Start Point Wildboarclough Peaks Climbed Shutlingsloe 506m
Total Time 4hrs 15min    
Walking Time 3hrs 05min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 10min    
Distance 8.20 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 265 metres Temperature 5°C
Total Ascent 590 metres Weather Mainly Sunny
Max Elevation 506 metres Walking With No One

Wildboarclough - Shutlingsloe - Macclesfield Forest - Trentabank Reservoir - Ridgegate Reservoir - Hanging Gate Inn - Oakenclough - Wildboarclough.

It was a lovely sunny day for most of the time. Fairly cool and breezy on the summit of Shutlingsloe. Started the walk out of Wildboarclough towards Higher Nabbs Farm but turned back as the path went across a ploughed field. Then took route out of Wildboarclough towards Shutlingsloe. A lovely approach to the peak up the steeper sided ascent. Met several walkers in both directions to and from the peak. It was quite windy on top and very cool. Excellent views from the top across the Cheshire Plain and to Jodrell Bank. Also great views towards Derbyshire and Axe Edge. The walk then descended to a marshy area and across walk boards to Macclesfield Forest. Once through the forest I arrived at Trentabank and Ridgegate Reservoirs. Saw a burnt out car - it did not smell very nice as I tried to take a close up photograph. Then it was on road up quiet country lanes to the Hanging Gate Inn. The walk then ascended up through and alongside a small brook to Oakenclough where there were great views back across to Shutlingsloe. The final part of the walk went near Higher Nabbs farm and through the ploughed field I encountered at the start of the walk. It was a very enjoyable day.

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Shutlingsloe on the path from Wildboarclough
A little closer to Shutlingsloe
A rocky ascent to Shutlingsloe
Walkers near the top of Shutlingsloe
Cheshire Plain from Shutlingsloe Summit
View to Macclesfield from Shutlingsloe
Shutlingsloe Summit with Cheshire Plain
Shutlingsloe Summit with Axe Edge
Warn directional sign on Shutlingsloe Summit
Board Walk across the marshy land
Trentabank Reservoir
Ridgegate Reservoir
View to Axe Age from Wildboarclough
Beech Tree on the way to Shutlingsloe
Shutlingsloe from near Oakenclough
Path crosses fields back to Wildboarclough

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