Stanage Edge - 8th February 2006
Date 8th February 2006 Description Stanage Edge
Start Point Hathersage Peaks Climbed High Neb 458m
Total Time 5hrs 00min   Stanage Edge End (South) 457m
Walking Time 3hrs 52min   Higger Tor 434m
Stopped Time 1hrs 08min    
Distance 10.71 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 159 metres Temperature 6°C
Total Ascent 590 metres Weather Sunny and Windy at Start
Max Elevation 463 metres Walking With No One

Hathersage - North Lees Hall - Stanage Edge - High Neb - Crow Chin - Stanage Edge End (South) - Fiddlers Elbow - Higger Tor - Callow Bank - Hathersage

A lovely sunny day (only a short time when sun was obscured by the clouds). I had walked to Stanage Edge last year but on that occation it was a short walk. I started in Hathersage and walked up Baulk Lane. The path tookme past North Lees Hall which is owned by the National Trust. It was very impressive. After a short while I was gaining height up onto Stanage Edge. Walked towards High Neb and on to Crow Chin where I then descended back down the edge and continued past the Millstones scattered everywhere underneath Stanage Edge. Eventally joined the path back to the top and then continued past White Path Moss and on to the Trig Point at the South end of Stanage Edge. The views from the edge today were fantastic especially across to the north to Hope, Castleton, Win Hill, The Great Ridge, Kinder Scout and Bleaklow. My walk then went via the Cowper Stone and Upper Burbage Bridge to Higger Tor. Good views over to Carl Wark. Returned back to Hathersage via Callow Bank and Toothill Farm. Decided to visit Hathersage Church and Little John's Grave (re Robin Hood). It was a really great day.

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Baulk Lane Hathersage
The path continues on Baulk Lane Hathersage
North Lees Hall (National Trust)
Woodland near North Lees Hall
Path up onto Stanage Edge
View from path up onto Stanage Edge
Nearly on the "edge" now
Stanage Edge looking towards High Neb
Stanage Edge near High Neb
High Neb Summit
View to Win Hill and Lose Hill from Crow Chin
Millstones underneath Stanage Edge
More Millstones under Stanage Edge
"I can see for miles" from Long Causeway
View from Stanage Edge at White Path Moss
Climber on Stanage Edge
View to Hope and Castleton
View to Kinder and Bleaklow
Stanage Edge End (South) Trig Point
Cowper Stone
Stanage Edge from Upper Burbage Bridge
Carl Wark from Higger Tor Summit
Callow Bank and Higger Tor (plus Moon)
Little John's Grave Hathersage Churchyard

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