Stanton Moor - 29th March 2006
Date 29th March 2006 Description Stanton Moor
Start Point Winster Village Peaks Climbed Rowtor Rocks 232m
Total Time 3hrs 10min    
Walking Time 2hrs 20min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 50min    
Distance 6.42 miles    
Moving Average 2.7 mph    
Elevation at Start 233 metres Temperature 7°C
Total Ascent 325 metres Weather Overcast with odd bright period
Max Elevation 318 metres Walking With No One
Winster Village - Upper Town - Barn Farm - Stanton Moor - Cat Stone - Nine Ladies Stone Circle - Cork Stone - Birchover - Rowtor Rocks - Rocking Stone Farm - Dudwood Lane (Old Portway) - Islington Lane - Winster Village

STANTON MOOR - Has been used as a resource for farming, wood and stone for thousands of years. Our ancestors recognised it as a special place. Four thousand years ago, in the Bronze Age, people settled here. People have used this place as a site for funerals and ceremonies, farming, quarrying and recreation. There are many Bronze Age monuments on the moor.

NINE LADIES STONE CIRCLE - Legend has it that nine ladies were turned to stone for dancing on the Sabbath and that the King Stone was the fiddler. In fact, the stones are part of an embanked stone circle (with at least 10 stones) built around 4,000 years ago, at a time when many stone circles were being built in Britain and Europe.

My walk today started in Winster and headed for Stanton Moor and the Nine Ladies Stone Circle. I saw the Cat Stone, Cork Stone and Earl Grey Tower (or Rapunzels Tower) on Stanton Moor as well. A pleasant walk although the weather was overcast for much of the time. I also climbed Rowtor Rocks which are behind the Druid Inn at Birchover.

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17th Century Old Market Hall Winster
Path from Winster at Woodhouse Lane
The path descends into the valley
Looking back to Winster
Barn Farm
Rocks on Stanton Moor
View to Stanton Lees and Darley Dale
Remnants of old quarry workings on the moor
Another view to Stanton Lees
Stanton Moor edge
Cat Stone on Stanton Moor
Earl Grey Tower on Stanton Moor
Earl Grey (or Rapunzels) Tower
Nine Ladies Stone Circle
Nine Ladies Stone Circle
One of the fires at Nine Ladies Stone Circle
Walking across Stanton Moor
A junction of paths on the moor
Approaching the Cork Stone
Cork Stone Stanton Moor
Cork Stone Stanton Moor
Druid Inn Birchover
Inside cave at Rowtor Rocks
Rowtor Rocks Summit
Rowtor Rocks
Robin Hoods Stride from Rocking Stone Farm
'Portway' Iron Age road (Dudwood Lane)
Winster - cars wing mirrors as cereal packets!

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