Thors Cave & Ecton Hill - 22nd April 2006
Date 22nd April 2006 Description Thors Cave & Ecton Hill
Start Point Wetton Village Peaks Climbed Ecton Hill 369m
Total Time 5hrs 01min    
Walking Time 3hrs 43min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 18min    
Distance 10.82 miles    
Moving Average 2.9 mph    
Elevation at Start 303 metres Temperature 4 - 11°C
Total Ascent 421 metres Weather Fog/Mist then Hazy Sun (25%)
Max Elevation 363 metres Walking With No One
Wetton Village - Wetton Hill - Ecton Hill - Manifold Way - Wettonmill - Nan Tor Cave - Thors Cave - Weags Bridge - Wetton Village

The weather forecast was for a lovely sunny day after the low cloud cleared around 10.00am. Instead it was foggy and misty until about 2.00pm when eventually it changed to hazy sun. The way out of Wetton was an easy one. Then navigation turned difficult as I could not see Wetton Hill or the stiles across the fields very easily as the conditions were rather foggy. I did find my way to without too much difficulty in the end though to the footbridges across a small stream near the Pepper Inn.

I continued on to Ecton Hill. No views from here!! After descending from the summit and negotiating the mine shafts I arrived at a road which I then followed to Westside Mill. I crossed the River Manifold here and then walked along the Manifold Way to Swainsley Tunnel. I then left the trail and crossed Ecton Bridge.Next I followed the track on the other side of the River Manifold to Dale Farm and Wettonmill. A quick stop for refreshments here and also view the Nan Tor Cave behind the cafe. Then onwards to Thors Cave. Climbed up to the cave and explored inside. Good views from here although it was hazy sunshine at this point. My walk finished by following the Manifold Way to Weags Bridge and then climbing up to Wetton by Larkstone Lane and Carr Lane.
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Start of walk out of Wetton
Entering fields near Wetton Hill
Unknown Dale near Pepper Inn
Stone Bridge near Pepper Inn
Daffodils near Ecton
Old Copper Mine Buildings on Ecton Hill
Ecton Hill Summit (Trig Point)
Copper Mine Shaft on Ecton Hill
Pond near Back of Ecton
Footbridge over River Manifold - Westside Mill
Manifold Way
Manifold Way crosses road
Violets on Manifold Way
Swainsley Tunnel on Manifold Way
Water rushes out of old Mine enterance
Bridge over River Manifold at Wettonmill
Bridge at Wettonmill
Nan Tor Cave
Looking out of Nan Tor Cave
Limestone cliffs on River Manifold
Thors Cave
Wood Anemone near Thors Cave
Manifold valley from Thors Cave
Inside Thors Cave
Woods near Thors Cave
Looking out of Thors Cave
Looking out of Thors Cave
Thors Cave from Manifold Way
Wetton Church

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