Tryfan - 2nd June 2006
Date 2nd June 2006 Description Tryfan
Start Point Llyn Ogwen Peaks Climbed Tryfan 915m
Total Time 5hrs 00min    
Walking Time 3hrs 30min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 30min    
Distance 3.50 miles    
Moving Average 1.0 mph    
Elevation at Start 305 metres Temperature 22°C
Total Ascent 650 metres Weather Very sunny and warm
Max Elevation 915 metres Walking With Mark
Car Park (Llyn Ogwen) - Milestone Buttress - Tryfan - Bwlch Tryfan - Llyn Bochlwyd - Ogwen Cottage - Car Park (Llyn Ogwen)

A great day with wall to wall blue sky. We had wanted to climb Tryfan for sometime so we were really looking forward to today.

We parked in one of the many car parks along the side of Llyn Ogwen. There were many walkers around today but as we climbed higher many chose to rest or walk in a different direction to us. We ascended to the Milestone Buttress with relative ease. The path (or way across the rocks) was indistinct at times and at one point we wondered if we were climbing in the right direction. Further up Tryfan we had to traverse across and up through a notch in the rocks and on a few ocassions had to move carefully across the rock faces to gain height. It certainly was a scramble during the second half of the climb but at no time did we feel that we were in any difficulty. As we reached about three quarters of the way up Tryfan we encountered several walkers who were finding it difficult to negotiate around and over some of the slabs of rock. We ended up helping them to make sure that they get to the top ok. On reaching the summit we encountered lots of walkers. We had great views from the summit as well as during our ascent. I did not attempt jumping across Adam and Eve. Our descent was down to Bwlch Tryfan and then walking past Llyn Bochlwyd and back to Idwal Cottage. The view across to Bristly Ridge was not great as at was very hazy in that direction. It was a great day of walking and scrambling.
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Reference Books Used

Collins Ramblers Guide - North Wales by Richard Sale (Collins)
Maps Used
OL17 Explorer - Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa
Car Park off A5 next to Llyn Ogwen
Y Garn Foel-goch & Llyn Ogwen
Foel-goch & Llyn Ogwen from ascent of Tryfan
Same view from further up Tryfan
Looking back down to A5
A slab of rock is passed by on the ascent
Foel-goch & Llyn Ogwen from higher up Tryfan
Llyn Ogwen starts to disappear from view
Looking back down the rocky ascent
A rocky ledge on Tryfan
View over to Foel-goch and Carnedd y Filiast
The "Cannon" on Tryfan
Another view of the "Cannon"
Llyn Idwal comes into view
Protruding rocks on Tryfan
Foel-goch Carnedd y Filiast and Llyn Ogwen
Looking down to the Milestone Buttress
Thats me with view towards Llyn Idwal
Scrambling up Tryfan
A view between the rocks
Still scrambling up Tryfan
Llyn Bochlwyd with Y Garn and Llyn Idwal
Tryfans North Peak
Looking back down to climbers on the way up
Tryfans summit - "Adam & Eve"
A goat on Tryfans summit
The goat stayed for quite a while
Rocky edge of Tryfan
Llyn Bochlwyd "Australia Lake" from Tryfan
A busy day on Tryfans summit
Tryfans North Peak
Llyn Bochlwyd from descent to Bwlch Tryfan
Llyn Ogwen from descent to Bwlch Tryfan
"Stepping Stones" near Idwal Cottage
Tryfans South Peak
Walking to Bwlch Tryfan and Llyn Bochlwyd
Tryfans South Peak from Bwlch Tryfan
A "Hazy" Bristly Ridge
Path down from Bwlch Tryfan
Tryfan from near Idwal Cottage
Tryfan from A5
Path up Milestone Buttress

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