Coniston Round - 10th August 2007
Date 10th August 2007 Description Coniston Round
Start Location Coniston Village Peaks Climbed Walna Scar 621m
Start Grid Reference SD 30340 97560   Brown Pike 682m
Total Time 7hrs 21min
Buck Pike 744m
Walking Time 5hrs 16min   Dow Crag 778m
Stopped Time 2hrs 05min   Coniston Old Man 803m
Distance 11.65 miles   Brim Fell 796m
Moving Average 2.2 mph   Swirl How 802m
Elevation at Start 61 metres Temperature  17°C
Total Ascent 1,142 metres Pressure 1018.7mb
Max Elevation 803 metres Weather Mainly very low cloud with rain
  Walking With No One
Coniston Village - Walna Scar Road - Walna Scar - Brown Pike - Buck Pike - Dow Crag - Coniston Old Man - Brim Fell - Great How Crag - Swirl How - Prison Band - Levers Water - Coppermines Valley - Coniston Village

It was an early start as I was meeting the OFC at Honister later in the day. I started my walk from the TIC in Coniston with sunny skys. There were clouds on the tops but at least it was bright and dry. I walked from Coniston up the Walna Scar Road. It is a very pleasant walk with great views towards Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag. As it was very close I took a slight diversion to the top of Walna Scar (an Outlying Wainwright Fell). The clouds were low now and views were becoming few and far between. My route took me by Brown Pike and Buck Pike and on to the summit of Dow Crag. Very little could be seen from now on. When I reached the Coniston Old Man summit plateau I was in total cloud (hardly could see in front of myself). I walked by Brim Fell and Swirl How before descending down the Prison Band to Levers Water. The route back to Coniston is very easy from here. The remnants of the mining industry in the Coppermines Valley is very interesting to see while on your return journey. Although very few views from the tops it was a great days walk.

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OL6 Explorer - The English Lakes (South Western Area)
Coniston Water with early morning reflections
Coniston Tourist Information
Coniston village
Coniston village
Sun Hotel - Coniston
First views to Coniston Fells
Coniston Old Man
Coniston Old Man
Signpost on Walna Scar Road
Path to Goats Water from Walna Scar Road
Walna Scar Road
Walna Scar Road with Dow Crag
Walna Scar Road
Walna Scar Road
Dow Crag in cloud from Walna Scar Road
Brown Pike from Walna Scar Road
Brown Pike & Buck Pike from Walna Scar
Dow Crag
Dow Crag & Goats Hause from Walna Scar
Walna Scar Road with Coniston Water
Walna Scar Summit
Brown Pike & Buck Pike from Walna Scar Summit
White Maiden from Walna Scar Summit
Brown Pike Summit
Brown Pike Summit with Coniston Water
Ridge to Dow Crag from Brown Pike
Blind Tarn
Buck Pike Summit
Buck Pike Summit
Goats Water from Dow Crag ridge
Goats Water from Dow Crag ridge
Dow Crag shelter
Dow Crag Summit
Goats Water from Goats Hause
Dow Crag from Goats Hause
Coniston Old Man Summit Trig Point
Coniston Old Man Summit Cairn and "Misty Walkers"
Brim Fell Summit
Levers Water from near Swirl How
Seathwaite Tarn from near Swirl How
Levers Water from near Swirl How
Swirl How Summit
Levers Water
Levers Water
Coniston Coppermines
Coniston Coppermines

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