Gaping Gill / Ingleborough - 20th August 2007
Date 20th August 2007 Description Gaping Gill / Ingleborough
Start Point Clapham Village Peaks Climbed Ingleborough 724m
Total Time 6hrs 30min    
Walking Time 4hrs 55min
Stopped Time 1hrs 35min
Not inc. descent of Gaping Gill
Distance 10.40 miles    
Moving Average 2.10 mph    
Elevation at Start 160 metres Temperature 20°C
Total Ascent 690 metres Weather Mainly Sunny
Max Elevation 724 metres Walking With Online Fellwalking Club (OFC)
Dave B, Steve, Edmund, Dave D, Phil, John, Paul, Jo, Jill, Chris G, Ann, Barrie, Josie, Roger, David, and Liz

Clapham Village - Clapham Beck - Ingleborough Cave - Trow Gill - Clapham Bottoms - Gaping Gill - Little Ingleborough - Ingleborough - Simon Fell Breast - Fell Beck Head - Brunt Riggs Moss - Bottoms Rigg - Gaping Gill - Clapham Bottoms - Long Lane - Clapham Village

An early start from home meant me arriving in Clapham at 8.00am. The OFC were meeting at 9.30am so it was a bit of a wait. Once we had all arrived we set off out of the village to the Ingleborough Estate Nature Trail. A 50p charge is made to enter the Nature Trail. We walked through Clapham Woods and then followed Clapham Beck to Ingleborough Cave (open to the public - this system does not connect to Gaping Gill). A little further on is Trow Gill. This was a lovely narrow gill and quite rocky on the ascent. Then it was out onto the open moorland. Did not take long to arrive at Gaping Gill. To our surprise there was a three hour wait to descend the gill. We decided to book our places for later on in the day. Due to the delay we then walked onwards to Little Ingleborough and the summit of Ingleborough (724 metres). Excellent views from the top. We had lunch here. Our return to Gaping Gill was via Simon Fell Breast and Brunt Riggs Moss. It was thn the highlight of the day - the descent of Gaping Gill on a Bosons Chair - 340 feet in about 1 minute!!! Fantastic experience in an awesome cavern - the largest pothole in Britain (or is Titan in the Peak District now?) On our return to Clapham we all ended up in the New Inn.

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OL2 Explorer - Yorkshire Dales (Southern & Western Areas)
The OFC meet in Clapham village
Lorriaine, Steve, Chris G & Phil
Lorraine & Steve set the pace - others follow
John, Jo, Jill & David in the woods
Steve, Dave B & Lorraine in the woods
Jo, Ann & Liz in the woods
Group photo at "The Grotto"
A lonely tree in the hillside
Ingleborough Cave
Trow Gill
Liz and Barrie have a breather near Trow Gill
Ascending Trow Gill
Looking back down Trow Gill - Ann, Liz and Chris G pick their way amongst the rocks
Leaving Trow Gill
Path across Clapham Bottoms
Todays planned event at Gaping Gill - open to the public - organised by Craven Pothole Club
Waiting to descend into Gaping Gill
Gaping Gill
Waiting to descend into Gaping Gill
"Book here for descents" - A 3 hour wait!!!
Everyone registers for the descent into the Gill
We decide to go to Ingleborough while we wait
Dave D, Josie & Ann start ascent of Ingleborough
A stairway to heaven - or is it Ingleborough?
Chris takes a well earned rest
Jill walks onwards and upwards
This is warm work!!
Shelter near Little Ingleborough
Jill takes a photo while others walk by
Ingleborough from Little Ingleborough
A rest and a few photos at Little Ingleborough
Roger trys to get a bit more height
Lakes in the distance from Little Ingleborough
Chris, Phil & Dave D near top of Ingleborough
Roger, Jo and Edmund near top of Ingleborough
Ingleborough Summit shelter
Ingleborough summit
Ingleborough summit with Twisleton Scars
Ingleton and beyond from Ingleborough
Ingleborough Trig Point and shelter
Whernside from Ingleborough
Ribblehead and viaduct from Ingleborough
Time to take a dip!!
Ingleborough from path back to Gaping Gill
Winch man at Gaping Gill
Bye Chris - Hold on tight!!!!
As instruction no. 8 suggests - "Enjoy yourself"!!!! ...
... down into the deep deep hole!!!
Descending on a Bosons Chair into the Main Chamber of Gaping Gill
Ooooo ... who is that?????
Everyone forms groups to be guided around the cavern
Mmmm ... this is very interesting
Gaping Gill Main Chamber
Looking upwards to see when the chair will return again
The Potholers "Equipment & Refreshments"
Gaping Gill Main Chamber
Gaping Gill Main Chamber
Ascending up on the Bosons Chair back to the surface
A herd of cows blocks our way
A cow on the hillside watchs guard!!
Path back to Clapham
Cheers!!! Drinks at New Inn at Clapham
Roger and Ann in deep discussion
Look at this photo!!!
Ahhhh ... A nice cup of tea
Ann and Jo at the New Inn
Dave D and Josie at the New Inn

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