Glaramara - 30th May 2007
Date 30th May 2007 Description Glaramara
Start Location Seatoller NT Car Park Peaks Climbed Glaramara 783m
Start Grid Reference NY 24601 13832   Allen Crags 785m
Total Time 6hrs 20min    
Walking Time 4hrs 50min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 30min    
Distance 10.55 miles    
Moving Average 2.2 mph    
Elevation at Start 124 metres Temperature 10°C
Total Ascent 1,150 metres Weather Cloudy / Sunny / Cloudy
Max Elevation 785 metres Walking With Mark

Seatoller NT Car Park - Combe Gill - Thornythwaite Fell - Glaramara (3 Summits) - Lincomb Tarns - High House Tarn - Allen Crags - Esk Hause - Sprinkling Tarn - Styhead - Styhead Tarn - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite - Seatoller NT Car Park

Todays walk was meant to be in Snowdonia but the weather forecast for the area was not good at all. As the weather was coming from the south and the rain was not due in the north until later in the day we changed our plans and headed for the Lake District. I wanted to climb a peak that I had not done before in the Lakes so decided on Glaramara. Starting from Seatoller we walked along the road and then up Combe Gill. The weather was improving all the time. The higher we got the better the scenery both towards Derwentwater and towards Combe Head. It didn't seem long until we were are the base of the final ascent of Glarmara. There are two options to to the summit - either straight up negotiating a "bad step" or around the side of the fell. The views were fantastic from the summit(s) towards Great End and Great Gable. In fact most of the Lake District can be seen from here. After a short break it was onwards to Allen Crags via some wet ground and stepping stones. The sky now was mainly a lovely blue. I have walked to Allen Crags before (from Esk Hause) but it was so different walking from Glaramara along a very rocky path. We then descended into Esk Hause and stopped for refreshments at the shelter nearby. We had several sheep watching us with interest. Mark decided he just could not move from this lovely spot. Eventually we continued on to Sprinkling Tarn and Sty Head. The clouds had covered the sky by now. I climbed a short way up Great Gable to get a good view of Styhead while Mark walked around the back of the stretcher box and beyond to get a view down to Wasdale. We then walked past Styhead Tarn and down Styhead Gill to Stockley Bridge. The rest of the walk was almost on the level through Seathwaite and finally back to Seatoller. As we entered the car park it started to rain!!! It was a really enjoyable walk.

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Maps Used
OL4 Explorer - The English Lakes (North Western Area)
  OL6 Explorer - The English Lakes (South Western Area)
Start of path to Combe Gill
Borrowdale from Combe Gill
Combe Door and Combe Head
Borrowdale from Thornythwaite Fell
Fleetwith Pike from Thornythwaite Fell
Dale Head Fleetwith Pike & Robinson
Fleetwith Pike & Robinson from Glaramara
Langdale Pikes from Glaramara
Glaramara Summit
Glaramara Summit
Glaramara Summit with Buttermere Fells
Glaramara Summit with Derwentwater
Glaramara Summit with Great Gable
Second Glaramara Summit
Great Gable from second Glaramara Summit
Great End Lingmell & Great Gable from Glaramara second summit
Great Gable from Glaramara third summit
Derwentwater from Glaramara third summit
Looking back to Glaramara
Looking back to Glaramara
Great Gable from path to Allen Crags
Path to Allen Crags - Great End in distance
Close up of Great Gable & Green Gable
Great Gable from path to Allen Crags
Glaramara from Allen Crags
Allen Crags Summit
Allen Crags Summit with Great End & Great Gable
Allen Crags Summit with Ill Crag & Great End
Allen Crags Summit
Great Gable and Sprinkling Tarn from Allen Crags summit
Great End from Esk Hause
Sheep near shelter at Esk Hause
Path from Esk Hause to Styhead
Sprinkling Tarn with Glaramara
Great Gable & Styhead Tarn
Styhead Tarn from Great Gable
Styhead Tarn
Styhead Tarn
Great End from Styhead Tarn
Cairn on Styhead Pass
Bridge over Styhead Gill
Path down to Stockley Bridge
Seathwaite Fell from near Stockley Bridge

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