Hathersage Moor - 14th January 2007
Date 14th January 2007 Description Hathersage Moor
Start Point Surprise View Peaks Climbed Over Owler Tor 380m
Total Time 4hrs 38min   Higger Tor 434m
Walking Time 3hrs 28min   Carl Wark 400m
Stopped Time 1hrs 10min   Owler Tor 302m
Distance 9.15 miles    
Moving Average 2.6 mph    
Elevation at Start 304 metres Temperature 3-5°C
Total Ascent 475 metres Weather Sunny with Cold Start
Max Elevation 434 metres Walking With No One

Surprise View - Mother Cap - Over Owler Tor - Higger Tor - Carl Wark - Longshaw Lodge - Longshaw Estate - Nether Padley - Grindleford Station - Padley Chapel - Padley Gorge - Hollow Gate - Owler Tor - Surprise View

A early start to make the most of a lovely sunny day. Starting from Surprise View Car Park on the A6187 out of Hathersage the walk ascends up on to Hathersage Moor. The first natural feature is Mother Cap. Then its on to Over Owler Tor with great views over to Higger Tor. Just below the top is on of the many Millstones that lay about this part of Derbyshire. The path to Higger Tor is an obvious one but was a little wet under foot. The ascent of Higger Tor can be made in several places (an easy scramble up the rocks. Again there are great views in every direction. The walk then continues to Carl Wark where another easy scramble is required. Carl Wark is an ancient fort (a worn plaque can be found near the top describing this). After descending Carl Wark one walks on to the Longshaw Estate and then through its parkland and on to Grindleford and Padley. Totley Tunnel can been seen here as well as Padley Chapel. The walk up through Padley Gorge is a lovely one (keep to the right side of the gorge/brook to avoid the crowds and enjoy better scenery). Finally after emerging from Padley Gorge one walks through Hollow Gate to Owler Tor. If after arriving back at the Car Park you have a little time left then walk on to Surprise View for some fantastic views up north to Edale and Kinder Scout.


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Reference Books Used

White Peak Walks - The Northern Dales by Mark Richards (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
  OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Ascent on to Hathersage Moor
Mother Cap
Mother Cap
Over Owler Tor from Mother Cap
Over Owler Tor Summit
Over Owler Tor Summit
Over Owler Tor looking towards Higger Tor
Over Owler Tor looking towards Higger Tor
Over Owler Tor looking towards Higger Tor
Millstone on Over Owler Tor
Millstone & Higger Tor
Path to Higger Tor
View to Edale and Kinder Scout
Shadow of me on the next hill
Watery path to Higger Tor
Higger Tor
Higger Tor Summit
Higger Tor Edge
Higger Tor Summit
Higger Tor Summit
Edale and Kinder Scout from Higger Tor
Higger Tor Edge
Steps descending Higger Tor
Higger Tor from path to Carl Wark
Carl Wark Summit Plaque
Higger Tor from Carl Wark
Carl Wark Summit
Carl Wark Summit
Negotiating Carl Wark
Carl Wark
Carl Wark & Burbage Brook
Looking to Hathersage Moor
Longshaw Estate Woods
Small lake on Longshaw Estate
Higger Tor and Carl Wark from Longshaw
Longshaw Estate
Grindleford Station
Grindleford Station
Totley Tunnel
Padley Mill
Padley Chapel
Ruins at Padley Chapel
Padley Gorge
Emerging out of Padley Gorge
Owler Tor Summit
Owler Tor Summit
Owler Tor Summit
View north from Surprise View

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