Honister Via Ferrata & Mine - 11th August 2007
Date 11th August 2007 Description Honister Via Ferrata & Mine
Start Location Honister Slate Mine Peaks Climbed  
Start Grid Reference NY 22450 13545    
Total Time 2hrs 00min
Walking Time 1hrs 45min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 15min    
Distance 2.0 miles    
Moving Average 1.0 mph Temperature  15°C
Elevation at Start 358 metres Pressure  
Total Ascent 314 metres Weather Rain
Max Elevation 630 metres Walking With OFC
Honister Slate Mine - Honister Via Ferrata

This was my first meeting with the OFC (Online Fellwalking Club). On the Friday evening we visited Honister Slate Mine (including the Cathedral Cave) and on the Saturday we experienced an exciting walk/scramble up the Via Ferrata. The Mine tour was taken by the owner Mark Weir who gave a very interesting talk on the mine and his experiences. The Via Ferrata was a real thrill and I think was enjoyed by all. We split into two groups. At the start of the Via Ferrata was a short scramble and then an exciting crossing of a narrow "bridge".

A group gathering of the OFC (Online Fellwalking Club)
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Tracy, Mark & Peter before Mine Tour
John, Jill & Ann before Mine Tour
Barrie & Liz before Mine Tour
Checking safety gear before we set off
Outside Mine waiting to be transported
John, Terry, Jill & Ann before we set off
Honister Slate Mine
Stop Mark!!! Its no entry!!!
Photos of Photos (see from top of crag!)
Mark on his return from photo shot
Mark Richards and Andrew Leaney
Still waiting to start Mine Tour
Mark Weir begins his story
Into the dark - Whats Mark seen up there??
Everyone listens to Mark
Work underway down in the next level
As we descend - slate ascends!
An old rail bogey
A more modern digger used today
Mark Weir
Workers ready to move some more stone
Mark Weir keeping us all occupied
Received instructions for the Via Ferrata
Putting on the safety gear for the Via Ferrata
Everyone is ready and waiting
Waiting with Michael Norbury - Our Guide
Entrance to first tunnel - before Via Ferrata
Walking through tunnel
Further on through tunnel
Out into the rain and start of Via Ferrata
First group heading up Via Ferrata - Unfortunately I had rain on the lens
Mike and Geoff
Its time to clip on
About to cross the "bridge"
Crossing the "bridge" - dont look down!!!
Starting the ascent
Its slow progress with all the clipping on & off
Can everyone form an orderly line please!!!
Higher up the Via Ferrata - getting a bit misty!
Not so steep here - hey watch that dog!!!
On the "Edge"
Its a long way down there!!!
Starting ascent through Ash Crag Tunnel
Ash Crag Tunnel
Not to far to go now!
Waiting for the "others"
Then on we go again
Some of group are getting left behind
Zooming in through the mist ...
... and zooming in further
A sober notice for uninvited guests
Thanks Peter - we wondered which way to go!

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