Howden Edge - 3rd February 2007
Date 3rd February 2007 Description Howden Edge
Start Point Kings Tree Peaks Climbed Outer Edge 541m
Total Time 4hrs 38min   Margery Hill 546m
Walking Time 5hrs 10min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 00min    
Distance 14.24 miles    
Moving Average 2.8 mph    
Elevation at Start 270 metres Temperature -2°C at start and 3°C at finish
Total Ascent 780 metres Weather Sunny with no clouds
Max Elevation 546 metres Walking With No One

Kings Tree - Slippery Stones - Horse Stone Naze - Crow Stones Edge - Outer Edge - Cut Gate Path - Margery Hill - Nether Hey - Howden Dam - Howden Reservoir - Slippery Stones - Kings Tree

It is not very often that one gets the opportunity to drive around Howden Reservoir to Kings Tree with lovely weather but today was an exception. The road from Fairholmes Car Park is closed on Sundays and weekdays for much of the year. From Kings Tree the walk advances to Slippery Stones and then follows the River Derwent to near Horse Stone Naze. Next you need to retrace your steps to follow a path up to Crow Stones Edge. After another short climb one reaches the summit of Outer Edge. Great views from here. There were two plumes of smoke looking east from the summit (not sure what from). The route to Margery Hill is a boggy and peaty one which follows a line of small posts. It was necessary to veer to the right of the line of posts for better ground. Only attempt in good weather unless you have excellent navigational skills. After crossing the Cut Gate Path the route then climbs to Margery Hill (again superb views). Howden Edge is then followed (with excellent views back to Outer Edge and Margery Hill) for a time before descending down to Howden Reservoir via Nether Hey. The path is an obvious one to start with then it disappears while crossing a very wet and boggy area. Eventually a good path is met once more to finally descend down to the reservoir. Its well worth taking the path down to the dam especially if the water is flowing over the top of the dam. The walk finally ends with a trudge back to Slippery Stones and Kings Tree along the edge of Howden Reservoir.

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Reference Books Used

High Peak Walks by Mark Richards (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
The "end" of the road - Kings Tree
Path to Slippery Stones
Approaching Slippery Stones Bridge
Slippery Stones Bridge
River Derwent from Slippery Stones Bridge
Derwent Valley & Cut Gate Path junction
Following the path up Upper Derwent Valley
Further along Derwent Valley path
Looking down on River Derwent
Path junction to Horse Stone Naze
Another view to River Derwent
Ruined Building on way to Outer Edge
Mountain Hare in the distance
Outer Edge
Outer Edge Summit & Trig Point
Outer Edge Summit & Trig Point
Outer Edge Summit & Trig Point
Route to Margery Hill with posts to follow!!
Boggy & Peaty route to Margery Hill
Cyclists - Cut Gate Path - Outer Edge beyond
Margery Hill Summit & Trig Point
Margery Hill Summit & Trig Point
Margery Hill Summit & Trig Point
Margery Hill Summit & Trig Point
Descent from Margery Hill
One of many streams on Howden Edge
Howden Edge
Howden Edge with Outer Edge beyond
Howden Edge with Outer Edge beyond
From Howden Edge to Howden Reservoir
Howden Edge - Pile of Stones near Row Top
Looking back to Howden Edge
Path descends over Nether Hey
Steep path towards bottom of Nether Hey
Start of path onto Nether Hey
Howden Reservoir Dam
Howden Reservoir Dam
Howden Reservoir
Sunset over Howden Reservoir
Howden Reservoir from Kings Tree

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