Kinder Scout - 27th October 2007
Date 27th October 2007 Description Kinder Scout
Start Point Edale Car Park Peaks Climbed Kinder Low 633m
Total Time 6hrs 45min    
Walking Time 4hrs 20min    
Stopped Time 2hrs 25min    
Distance 9.50 miles    
Moving Average 2.2 mph  
Elevation at Start 236 metres Temperature 14°C
Total Ascent 560 metres Weather Dry & low cloud then drizzle
Max Elevation 633 metres Walking With OFC (8 members)

Edale Car Park - Edale - Grindsbrok Booth - Pennine Way - Upper Booth - Jacobs Ladder - Swines Back - Edale Rocks - Kinder Low - Kinder Downfall - Kinder Gates - Crowden Head - Edale Moor - Grindsbrook Clough - Grindsbrook Booth - Old Nags Head Inn - Edale - Edale Car Park


The Peak District Weekend started on Saturday morning in the main Edale Car Park (close to the start of the Pennine Way). The weather was not perfect as low cloud dominated most of the day. However rain and drizzle held off until the crossing of the Kinder plateau. The numbers for the first days walk should have been higher but with illness and car problems we finally started with 8 (myself, Angela and her husband John, Richard Ratcliffe, Sue Kennerley and husband John, Steve Procter, and Lorraine.

We all headed off out of the car park and up the road to Grindsbrook Booth and the start of the Pennine Way. Our route then followed the Pennine Way across fields to Upper Booth. The peaks to the south of us were just keeping out of the clouds (Lose Hill, Back Tor, Mam Tor, and Lords Seat) whereas the direction in which we were heading to the north (Kinder Scout) the peaks were in the cloud. We did not rush as we did not know if Simon (who had car trouble) may join us on the walk (unfortunately he had to turn back home instead). We continued on to Jacobs Ladder and ascended up onto Swine’s Back. At this point the majority of the steep ascent had been completed and all had made it to the top in one piece.

The route continued to follow the Pennine Way to Kinder Low and it’s trig point. Here we took a few photos in the mist and low cloud. This is not the highest point on the Kinder plateau at 633 meters but is the point where many feel that they have conquered the Kinder Scout summit. In fact the true summit is slightly to the North West at 636 metres (and not very easy to find). After a short time after leaving Kinder Low we found a sheltered spot to have some light refreshments. Steve had already had a big breakfast so he was not too hungry. However we all sat down and enjoyed a well earned rest. Lots of walkers passed us while we were there. We had some great views over to Kinder Reservoir which was basking in the sun!!! The OFC then made their way along the Kinder Edges to Kinder Downfall. What a great sight behold us. The water at the downfall was actually flowing (gusting) upwards. This was a very strange sight but a lovely surprise.

The next part of the walk was quite adventurous. Following a compass bearing and using GPS and map we guided ourselves across the Kinder plateau with the aid of Angela’s husband John. The terrain had now transformed into peat hags and groughs. A grough is a channel carved into the peak which can be 20 feet or more deep and a hag is a peak mound left after water has created the channels. The going was very slow and we needed to keep together through the misty conditions. We had to cross many groughs which proved difficult at times. The peat was wet and slippery and as we all descended and ascended in and out of the groughs the ground got more muddy and slippery with each walker passing by. However it was a great challenge which we all took in our own stride. While crossing the plateau we met several walkers who were also trying to find their way. Two of the walkers joined our party as we helped them back to the Kinder Edges. Not a very sensible place to be without a map and compass.

Eventually we arrived back at the edge of the plateau and then headed for Grindsrook Clough. We descended the clough which was steep and rocky to start with and then we followed the stream back to Edale. Back at Grindsbrook Booth we all had a deserved drink at the Old Nags Head.

The day was finished with a meal at the George in Castleton. It had been a great day with lovely company and it was so nice to meet with more members of the OFC.

Photograph at top of webpage - Kinder Surprise Walk Group Photo – Richard Ratcliffe, Lorraine, Neil Haslewood, Angela Clarke, Steve Procter, John Kennerley, and Sue Kennerley. (John Clarke took the photo)
Photograph at Kinder Low Summit Trig Point – Richard Ratcliffe, Steve Procter, Lorraine, and Sue Kennerley.

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OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Richard waits in Edale Car Park
Todays Group - Richard, Lorraine, Neil, Angela, Steve, John K & Sue (+ John C)
Steve strides along start of Pennine Way
Rucksack adjustment!!
Taking it in turns to hold the gate open
Angela and Richard lead way to Upper Booth
Sue and Angela near Upper Booth
Start of Jacobs Ladder
John K ascending Jacobs Ladder
Top of Jacobs Ladder looking to Edale
Richard takes a photo
Richard looking down to Edale
Angela takes a mobile call (we have a signal!)
Sue and John with Lorraine taking a deserved rest
Sue, John, Steve and Lorraine
Kinder Low Summit Trig Point
Kinder Low Summit Trig Point
Richard, Steve, Lorraine & Sue at Kinder Low Summit Trig Point
Leaving Kinder Low far behind
Lorraine surveys the scene
John K, Sue, & John C are ready to start again after a short lunch break
Heading off towards Kinder Downfall
The sun shines on Kinder Reservoir
Kinder Downfall
The stream is flowing upwards!!!!
A sheep at Kinder Downfall
Getting our bearings before attempting to cross the Kinder Scout plateau
Lorraine catches us all up
Crossing the "Peaty Landscape"
A helping hand is required
The mist and cloud start to descend
Two walkers join our party on the plateau
The conditions get worse ...
... and the ground gets muddier
Descending Grindsbrook Clough
John and Richard in Grindsbrook Clough

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