Ladybower - 6th July 2007
Date 6th July 2007 Description Ladybower
Start Location Fairholmes Peaks Climbed  
Start Grid Reference SK 17273 89086    
Total Time 4hrs 25min    
Walking Time 2hrs 45min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 40min    
Distance 8.23 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph Temperature  12-14°C
Elevation at Start 220 metres Pressure 1006.8mb
Total Ascent 450 metres Weather Rain and cloud
Max Elevation 375 metres Walking With Michael
Fairholmes - Ladybower Reservoir - Grindle Clough - Derwent Edge - Whinstone Lee Tor - Lead Hill - Ashopton - Ladybower Inn - Ladybower Reservoir - Fairholmes

After meeting at Edale for a walk along the Kinder Edges we decided to travel to Fairholmes for a low level walk around Ladybower Reservoir. The weather at Edale was awful with heavy rain and a stong wind. The weather forecast suggested that it was going to be a reasonable day - how wrong they were!!! We parked in a layby close to Fairholmes then walked on to Derwent Reservoir Dam - there was a deluge of water flowing over the top of the dam today. We would return here later in the day. The path we took followed the banks of Ladybower Reservoir to the now submerged village of Derwent. Then we ascended Grindle Clough on to Derwent Edge. The path we took went south to Whinstone Lee Tor. It had been reasonably dry from leaving Fairholmes to this point but now more rain started to blow in with the wind. On a good day I am sure the views from here would be fantastic. We descended down to the A57 and the Ladybower Inn. After a drink and bite to eat at the Inn we continued following Ladybower Reservoir back to Derwent village. The weather was slowly improving since we left Ladybower Inn. Before we returned back to our cars we stopped at the Derwent Reservoir Dam again. The roar of the water coming over the top of the dam down into the water course below could be heard from some distance away. It was certainly a spectacular scene.

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OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Derwent Reservoir Dam
Pipeline over Ladybower Reservoir
Mmm ... must remember to shut this gate!!
A very "Happy" letter box!!
Ladybower Reservoir from Derwent Village
Poem in a barn
Buildings near High House
Looking to Derwent Moors
A wet path to Derwent Edge
Ladybower Reservoir with Crook Hill
Ladybower Reservoir looking north west
Ladybower from near Whinstone Lee Tor
Path to Whinstone Lee Tor
Not a good day for taking photographs
Ladybower and road bridge - Win Hill beyond
Ladybower with Lose Hill in distance
Ladybower from near Ashopton
Ladybower Inn
Ladybower Reservoir from near Ashopton
Ladybower Reservoir from near Ashopton
Ladybower & road bridge from near Ashopton
Ladybower & road bridge
Ladybower Reservoir
Ladybower Reservoir from Derwent Village
Derwent Reservoir Dam
Derwent Reservoir Dam ...
... don't bathe or wash here ...
... although there is lots and lots of water ...
... and it is very very noisy ...
... the water just falls far far below!!!

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