Simons Seat - 27th June 2007
Date 27th June 2007 Description Simons Seat
Start Location Barden Bridge Peaks Climbed Simons Seat 485m
Start Grid Reference SE 05252 57452    
Total Time 4hrs 30min    
Walking Time 3hrs 37min    
Stopped Time 0hrs 53min    
Distance 11.34 miles    
Moving Average 3.1 mph Temperature  16°C
Elevation at Start 128 metres Pressure 1002.9mb
Total Ascent 623 metres Weather Improving sunny day
Max Elevation 485 metres Walking With No One
Barden Bridge - Strid Wood - The Strid - Cavendish Pavillion - Waterfall Cottage - Valley of Desolation - Laund Pasture Plantation - Great Agill Beck - Barden Fell - Truckle Crags - Simons Seat - Lords Seat - Simons Seat - Skyreholme - Howgill - Barden Bridge

Following a business trip to Harrogate I travelled to Barden Bridge. There had been rain earlier in the morning but as I started the walk the clouds slowly started to break and the rain stopped. The rest of the walk was in improving weather conditions. This week had seen the worst weather in June for decades with floods over large parts of Northern England and the Midlands. I walked from Barden Bridge to Strid Wood and initially took the path above The Strid. After a short while I retraced my steps to follow the River Wharfe on the opposite bank to The Strid. The river level was several feet higher than usual so I did not need to look down into The Strid. Some walkers told me that the river was as high as they had ever seen it for many a year and it was also a place where many lives had been lost with people trying to jump across the trecherous waters. I continued along the banks of the River Wharfe to Cavendish Pavillion. I then took the path to Waterfall Cottage and onwards to the Valley of Desolation - so named after a violent storm of 1826. The path continued through Laund Pasture Plantation and onto Barden Fell passing a Stone Table. After a while following above Great Agill Beck I passed Truckle Crags. Simons Seat was now clearly in view. The OS triangulation pillar was perched on top of the stony summit and a short scramble was required to attain the top. Simons Seat is an excellent viewpoint to the valley below around Appletreewick and amongst the trees is the ancient Parcevall Hall at the foot of Trollers Gill. Apparently the White Horse of Kilburn can be seen in the far distance on a clear day. To the east are good views to Lords Seat where I walked next across very boggy ground. Stone slabs had been laid for a short distance to Lords Seat. I decsended Simons Seat down more stone slabs for a while and then a stony path to Skyreholm. On the descent I saw Quail, Grouse, Buzzard and a Curlew. I returned back to Barden Bridge via Howgill.

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Reference Books Used

50 Favourite Walks in the Yorkshire Dales by Jack Heighley (Cicerone)
Maps Used
OL2 Explorer - Yorkshire Dales (Southern and Western Areas)
Barden Bridge
Field near Barden Bridge
Barden Tower in distance
River Wharfe at Aquaduct
River Wharfe from Strid Wood
The Strid from Strid Wood
The Strid
The Strid
The Strid
River Wharfe at Cavendish Pavillion
River Wharfe near Cavendish Pavillion
Birds on the Sculpture Trail
Aquaduct on River Wharfe
Path to Valley of Desolation
Pond in Valley of Desolation
Bridge over Great Agill Beck
Edge of Laund Pasture Plantation
Path on Barden Fell
Stone Table on Barden Fell
Path on Barden Fell
Approaching Simons Seat from Barden Fell
Great Agill Beck valley from Barden Fell
Rocky path on Barden Fell
Truckle Crags
Truckle Crags
Simons Seat OS Triangulation Pillar
Simons Seat Summit and Trig Point
Great Agill valley from Simons Seat
Lords Seat from Simons Seat
Skyreholme & Trollers Gill from Simons Seat
Simons Seat Summit rocks
Lords Seat from Simons Seat
Lords Seat from Simons Seat
Skyreholme and area from Simons Seat
Simons Seat Summit Trig Point
View from Simons Seat Summit
View from Simons Seat Summit
A boggy path to Lords Seat
Simons Seat Summit rocks
View from Simons Seat
View from Simons Seat
Paved path from Simons Seat
Simons Seat Summit Rocks
Parcevall Hall & Trollers Gill from Simons Seat
Ladder Stile on descent of Simons Seat
Looking towards High Crag & Craven Moor
Track near Howgill
Road near Howgill

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