Stanage Edge - 28th October 2007
Date 28th October 2007 Description Stanage Edge
Start Point Dennis Knoll Car Park Peaks Climbed High Neb 458m
Total Time 3hrs 47min    
Walking Time 2hrs 43min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 04min    
Distance 6.75 miles    
Moving Average 2.5 mph  
Elevation at Start 326 metres Temperature 13°C
Total Ascent 325 metres Weather Drizzle & low cloud then sunny
Max Elevation 458 metres Walking With OFC (4 members)

Dennis Knoll Car Park - Bamford Edge - Bamford Moor - Moscar Moor - Stanage End - High Neb - Stanage Edge - Long Causeway - Dennis Knoll Car Park


Sunday’s walk started from the Dennis Knoll car park north of Hathersage. Originally there as meant to be 8 walkers today but the numbers had dwindled again to 4 (myself, Angela and her husband John, and Phil Winter who had travelled from Leeds). The weather was poor to start with - rain and mist. However as the day progressed the sun came out and and views improved dramatically. Although there were only 4 of us it was a very enjoyable day.

We set off from Dennis Knoll and followed a minor road to the start of Bamford Edge. After ascending from the road and gaining access to Bamford Edge we followed a path to a great viewpoint with Ladybower Reservoir and Win Hill (amongst other peaks) in sight. It was quite misty with drizzle while we were there. On a clear sunny day the view would have been fantastic. We then crossed Bamford Moor to Stanage End. This was marshy and very wet in places but caused us no problems. Before we climbed the last few metres onto Stanage Edge we paused for refreshments.

The walk along Stanage Edge was lovely as the sun had now come out. The views were fantastic and many photos were taken. We visited High Neb trig point (458 metres) during the walk along Stanage Edge. Our route back was via a very stony/rocky path to Dennis Knoll. A land rover and several scrambling bikes tried to manoeuvre up and down the very treacherous ground.

We had drinks at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn before returning home.

Again this was a fantastic day which was enjoyed by all. Can’t wait until the next meeting!!

Bamford and Stanage Edge Walk Group Photo – Neil Haslewood, Angela Clarke, and Phil Winter (John Clarke took the photo).

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OL1 Explorer - The Peak District (Dark Peak Area)
Angela, Phil & Myself at Dennis Knoll
Ladybower Reservoir from Bamford Edge
Rainbow over Ladybower Reservoir
Phil looking over Bamford Moor
Sunlight breaks through the clouds
Win Hill and Lose Hill from Moscar Moor
Track heading towards Stanage End
View from path below Stanage Edge
Moscar Moor from below Stanage Edge
View from path below Stanage Edge
View North West from below Stanage Edge
Looking to Sheffield from Stanage End
One of the many pools along Stanage Edge (Number 32)
Looking to Kinder Scout from Stanage Edge
One of the many rock formations on Stanage Edge
Another view looking towards Kinder Scout
A path full of puddles!!
Stanage Edge
Win Hill from Stanage Edge
Heading towards High Neb
High Neb Summit Trig Point
High Neb Summit Trig Point
High Neb Summit Trig Point
View towards Sheffield from High Neb
Stanage Edge
Sun hiding behind the clouds
Sun hiding behind the clouds
Looking back to High Neb
Stanage Edge
Stony track descending from Stanage Edge
Scrambling Bikes on stony path
Stony track descending from Stanage Edge
Looking back to Stanage Edge
Stony track descending from Stanage Edge
Moor Scrambling Bikes
Stanage Edge from near Dennis Knoll
Stanage Edge from near Dennis Knoll

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