Tissington - 20th May 2007
Date 20th May 2007 Description Tissington
Start Location Narlows Lane CP Thorpe Peaks Climbed Thorpe Cloud 286m
Start Grid Reference SK 163 555    
Total Time 3hrs 30min    
Walking Time 2hrs 00min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 30min    
Distance 6.05 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph    
Elevation at Start 207 metres Temperature 12°C to 14°C
Total Ascent 385 metres Weather Sunny
Max Elevation 308 metres Walking With On Own

Narlows Lane Car Park - Thorpe Station - Tissington Trail - Tissington Station - Tissington Village - Tissington Well Dressings - The Avenue - Washbrook Lane - Thorpe Pasture - Dovedale - Thorpe Cloud - Thorpe - Narlows Lane Car Park

I wanted to visit the Tissington Well Dressings while the weather was fine. On Sunday morning the forecast was good so I quickly worked out a route that took in Tissington and the Dovedale area. Starting from Narlows Lane Car Park at Thorpe I walked to Thorpe Station on the Tissington Trail. I then followed the trail to Tissington Station and into the village. I spent quite a while walking around the village looking at the Well Dressings etc. After an hour or so I headed out of the village and walked down the Avenue and Washbrook Lane to pick up a path to Thorpe Pastures. The Red Flags were flying today (due to shooting in progress) so I had to keep strictly to the path which sent me to the top of the valley down into Dovedale. There were excellent views over to Thorpe Cloud, Bunster Hill and Dovedale from the top of Thorpe Pasture. It was quite a steep and rocky descent down into Dovedale and the stepping stones. My walk today finished with the ascent of Thorpe Cloud. Great views from the top of Thorpe Cloud. After descending Thorpe Cloud I walked across fields to the Peveril Of The Peak Hotel and on to Narlows Lane Car Park.

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Reference Books Used

Walking Country - Southern Peak by Paul Hannon (Hillside)
Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
Narlows Lane Car Park and Dog & Partridge
Narlows Lane Car Park
Thorpe Station on Tissington Trail
Tissington Trail near Thorpe Station
Bridge over A515 on Tissington Trail
Fields next to Tissington Trail
Red Campion
Wild Garlic
Rabbit in the sunlight
Gradient sign at Tissington Station
Tissington Station
Tissington Village near Coffin Well
Old Telephone Box in Tissington village
Coffin Well
Tissington Village near Coffin Well
Tissington village green
Town Well
Tissington Village Hall
Tissington village pond
Tissington village pond
Yew Tree Well
Duck at Hall Well
Hall Well
Tissington Hall
Tissington Hall
Childrens Well
Hands Well
Tissington Church
Footpath leading from Washbrook Lane
Water Trough on footpath from Washbrook
Looking towards Thorpe Cloud
Feeding time for the lambs
Keeping to the path on Thorpe Pasture
Thorpe Cloud & Dovedale - Thorpe Pasture
Bunster Hill & Dovedale from Thorpe Pasture
View from Thorpe Pasture
Descent down into Dovedale
Stepping Stones at Dovedale
River Dove at Dovedale
Stepping Stones at Dovedale
Dovedale from ascent of Thorpe Cloud
Thorpe Cloud Summit
Dovedale & Lin Dale from Thorpe Cloud
Dovedale & Lin Dale from Thorpe Cloud
Dovedale from Thorpe Cloud
Bunster Hill from Thorpe Cloud Summit
Bunster Hill from Thorpe Cloud Summit
Thorpe & Ilam from Thorpe Cloud
Bunster Hill from Thorpe Cloud Summit
Walkers on Thorpe Cloud Summit
Thorpe Cloud from near Hamson Hill

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