Down'ards Royal Shrovetide Football Challenge Walk - 12th January 2008
Date 12th January 2008 Description Down'ards Challenge Walk
Start Point Cockayne Car Park Peaks Climbed  
Total Time 5hrs 00min    
Walking Time 4hrs 00min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 00min    
Distance 11.90 miles    
Moving Average 3.0 mph   SK 18429 46920
Elevation at Start 129 metres Temperature 2-7°C
Total Ascent 275 metres Weather Sunny & Dry
Max Elevation 185 metres Walking With No One

Cockayne Car Park (Ashbourne) - Stuston Mill - Bradley Moor - Yeldersley - Osmaston - Wyaston - Edlaston - Collycroft - Clifton - Cockayne Car Park (Ashbourne)

This walk was published by a local rambler who likes the longer challenging walk. He lives in a village close to where I live and the theme of the walk is connected to the famous Royal Ashbourne Shrovetide event. As you can probably can guess there is also an Up’ards walk too but I will hopefully be completing that one later in the year as it is much longer (19 miles). The Down’ards walk is almost 12 miles and is mainly to the south of the River Henmore and Ashbourne. It does however visit both Shrovetide Goals. A very enjoyable walk although quite muddy in places underfoot. The sun shone for most of the time too!!

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Reference Books Used

Royal Shrovetide Football Challenge Walks - Mike Warner
Maps Used
259 Explorer - Derby, Uttoxeter, Ashbourne & Cheadle
Ashbourne Playing Fields
Ashbourne Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
Sheep in field on outskirts of Ashbourne
Flooded path on way to Sturston
Nearing Sturston
Sturston Mill Shrovetide Football Goal
Pond at Sturston Mill
Pond at Sturston Mill
Pond at Sturston Mill
Pond at Sturston Mill
Sturston Mill Gate
Field near Bradley
Path on way to Firs Farm
Road near Firs Farm
War Farm
Scenery near Yeldersley
Old Gate at Yeldersley
A muddy path from Yeldersley to Osmaston
Nearing Osmaston
Path from Yeldersley to Osmaston
Path from Yeldersley to Osmaston
Osmaston Church
Osmaston Village Pond
Osmaston Village Pond
Thatched cottage in Osmaston
Path through Osmaston Park
Remains of Osmaston Hall
Leaving Osmaston Park
Wyaston Brook
Pool near Wyaston
Telephone Box in Wyaston
Shire Horse Wyaston
Edlaston Church
Scene near Edlaston
Scene near Edlaston
Clifton War Memorial
Clifton Church
Cock Inn Clifton
Ashbourne Shrovetide Information Sign
Shrovrtide Bench Clifton
Clifton Mill
Clifton Mill Shrovetide Football Goal
Clifton Mill Shrovetide Football Plaque
Clifton Mill Shrovetide Football Goal
Clifton Mill Shrovetide Football Goal
Clifton Mill Shrovetide Football Goal
Ford over River Henmore at Doles Farm
Path back to Ashbourne
New retail development
Ashbourne Welcome Sign

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