Duffield Frith Frolic - 18th May 2008
Date 18th May 2008 Description Duffield Frith Frolic
Start Point Church Road Car Park Peaks Climbed Alport Height 314m
Total Time 8hrs 15min    
Walking Time 6hrs 20min    
Stopped Time 1hrs 55min    
Distance 21.00 miles    
Moving Average 3.3 mph Start Grid Ref SK 34886 42890
Elevation at Start 55 metres Temperature 9-15°C
Total Ascent 750 metres Weather Sunny then cloudy later
Max Elevation 314 metres Walking With 24 Walkers - The Irregulars

Church Road Car Park - Quarndon Hill - Quarndon - Windley - Cowers Lane - Alport Height - Bear Inn - Alderwasley - Shining Cliff Wood - Midshires Way - Portway - Chevin - Church Road Car Park

It was a dry and mainly sunny day walking a newly created long distance path in part of an ancient deer forest. The walk was 21 miles and took just over 8 hours with a lunch break at the Bear Inn at Alderwasley for 1 hour. The scenery was great throughout much of the walk. The highest point reached was Alport Height at 314 metres (1,030 feet). There were many fields and I suppose depending on the time of year these will be either easy or difficult to cross. There were also many awkward stiles to negotiate and one which was quite hidden. From the Quarndon Millennium Topograph there were great views. The walk also follows the ancient Portway, Midshires Way and Chevin.

Organised by The Irregulars Long Distance Walking Group.  
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Reference Books Used

Maps Used
OL24 Explorer - The Peak District (White Peak Area)
  259 Explorer - Derby (Uttoxeter, Ashbourne & Cheadle)
Gathering on the Church Road Car Park
Setting off towards the railway bridge
Main railway line in Duffield
Across the grassy fields to A6 in Duffield
View towards Duffield
Walking across Burley Meadows
Footpath through the houses next to A6
Fields near Flaxholme
Quarndon Millennium Topograph
Quarndon Millennium Topograph
Quarndon Millennium Topograph
Mike Warner describes the area
Viewing the Quarndon Millennium Topograph
Quarndon Millennium Topograph Plaque
View from Quarndon Millennium Topograph
Walking through Quarndon
Ploughed fields near Quarndon
Walking away from Quarndon
Path through fields near Windley
One of the many awkward stiles in the walk
Another awkward stile
On the way to Windley
One of the fields covered with Buttercups
Nearing Windley
Field of Buttercups
Yet another awkward stile
Path continues across a meadow
Farm equipment on the path
Bridge over stream in middle of field
Typical scene on the walk
Views in every direction for miles
A lonely tree
Heading towards a farm on the route
Sheep watch are progress
The paths across the fields are easy to follow
More farm equipment on the path
Buttercups in the fields on way to Alport
Alport Height in the distance
Road heading towards Alport Height
Milestone (to Ashbourne) at Alport Height
Alport Height Summit
Alport Stone at Alport Height
Alport Stone at Alport Height
Alport Stone at Alport Height
First World War memorial
Carved woodden seat
More fields and farms
Portway and Chevin
Zooming into the Chevin
Midshires Way
View to Belper
Path on the Chevin
View back to Duffield from Chevin Golf Course

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