Greenburn Horseshoe - 10th March 2008
Date 10th March 2008 Description Greenburn Horseshoe
Start Point Ghyll Foot Peaks Climbed Steel Fell 553m
Total Time 5hrs 30min   Calf Crag 537m
Walking Time 3hrs 40min   Gibson Knott 422m
Stopped Time 1hrs 50min   Helm Crag 405m
Distance 6.35 miles    
Moving Average 1.8 mph Start Grid Ref NY 33184 09597
Elevation at Start 106 metres Temperature 2-4°C
Total Ascent 680 metres Weather Rain, Snow & Sunny Intervals
Max Elevation 553 metres Walking With Mark

Ghyll Foot - Steel Fell (Dead Pike) - Calf Crag - Pike of Carrs - Moment Crag - Gibson Knott - Helm Crag - Ghyll Foot

Starting from Ghyll Foot about a mile or so north of Grasmere we set off for Steel Fell. Early this morning and during last night we had seen heavy rain and wind but although it was still raining when we started walking it was only drizzle. As we ascended up Steel Fell the drizzle turned to snow and sleet but there was little wind. It was when we were about half way up the ascent that we rounded a corner and saw the task ahead - cloud covered top and snow! We continued at a more steady pace as we walked past the snow line and into the clouds. The path was still visable for much of the way although insistinct at times and it was very wet underfoot. Eventually we arrived at the summit of Steel Fell (or Dead Pike). The true summit is next to the old county boundary fence. After a short break we continued along the ridge route to Calf Crag. The snow was becoming deeper and the path was not easy to see. However the clouds were clearing and we began to enjoy better views. The ridge route was very boggy in places and ever step was a splash in the snow, puddles or bog. As we headed towards the head of the Greenburn Valley and as the sun came out the views across the un-named tarns towards High Raise and Ullscarf were lovely. On arriving at Calf Crag the views were great in most directions. One could see all the way down the Greenburn Valley and the ridge that connects us to Gibson Knott and Helm Crag. We stopped for a lunch break on Calf Crag and met one of the few walkers we encountered during the day. Continuing from Calf Crag we crossed a very wet and boggy area to gain access to the true ridge route to Gibson Knott. Most of the time we were still walking across the snowy landscape but eventually as we lost height we also lost the snow. The path now became an obvious one. This gave us an easier walk to the summit of Gibson Knott. The views from Gibson Knott to Helm Crag and Grasmere beyond were very good. To reach Helm Crag we had to descend to Bracken Hause. Then it was a short ascent on a good paved path to the summit of Helm Crag. The true summit is the Howitzer and really one must climb to the very top to claim one has achieved another "Wainwright". However Mr AW did not actually acieve this feat. At the other end of the small summit ridge is the "Lion and the Lamb" as seen from Grasmere. We descended back down to Bracken Hause and then down the steep grassy slopes back to Ghyll Foot. It was a very interesting and enjoyable day although the start was much to be desired.
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Reference Books Used

Walking the Wainwrights by Stuart Marshall (Sigma Leisure)
Maps Used
OL5 Explorer - The English Lakes (North Eastern Area)
River Rothay at Ghyll Foot
Helm Crag from lower slopes of Steel Fell
Stell Fell in cloud and snow
Start of path through snow on Steel Fell
Wet and snowy path up Steel Fell
Path becomes near indistinct up Steel Fell
Small tarn near summit of Steel Fell
Steel Fell Summit
Steel Fell Summit
Steel Fell Summit Cairn
View from Steel Fell to Thirlmere below
A very snowy path from Steel Fell following old fence to Calf Crag
View from Steel Fell to Thirlmere below
Another view of a very snowy path from Steel Fell following old fence to Calf Crag
Helm Crag with Greenburn valley and Grasmere beyond
A snow capped High Raise in the distance
Greenburn Valley - a very wet & boggy area
Walking towards Calf Crag
Tarn on path to Calf Crag with Ullscarf behind
Tarn on path to Calf Crag with Ullscarf behind
Tarn on path to Calf Crag - cloud coming up from Wythburn Valley
Another view of the tarns near Calf Crag
A very snowy and bleak landscape
Our path to Calf Crag across the snow
View to Ullscraf from near Calf Crag
Footsteps in the snow
Nearing Calf Crag
Calf Crag Summit with High Raise beyond
Calf Crag Summit with Gibson Knott & Steel Fell in distance
Steel Fell from Calf Crag
Path from Calf Crag to Gibson Knott
A snowy scene to Gibson Knott - Steel Fell in the distance
On the way to Gibson Knott
Looking towards Gibson Knott
Gibson Knott and Helm Crag
Ridge route to Gibson Knott & Helm Crag
Gibson Knott
Gibson Knott Summit with Helm Crag
Approaching Helm Crag
Helm Crag on path from Gibson Knott
Gibson Knott Summit with Helm Crag & Grasmere in the distance
Path from Gibson Knott to Helm Crag
Helm Crag Summit - The Howitzer
Looking towards the Far Easedale Valley
Helm Crag - The Lion & The Lamb
Helm Crag Summit - The Howitzer with Steel Fell and Dunmail Raise
Helm Crag Summit with Steel Fell & Helvellyn
Helm Crag Summit
Bridge over Green Burn

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