Kinder Scout - 21st September 2008
Date 21st September 2008 Description Kinder Scout
Start Point Barber Booth Peaks Climbed Kinder Scout 636m
Total Time 5hrs 30min   Kinder Low 633m
Walking Time 4hrs 00min   Brown Knoll 569m
Stopped Time 1hrs 30min    
Distance 9.25 miles    
Moving Average 2.3 mph Start Grid Ref SK 10710 84720
Elevation at Start 268 metres Temperature 8-12°C
Total Ascent 525 metres Weather Sunny Cold & Dry
Max Elevation 636 metres Walking With No One

Barber Booth Car Park - Upper Booth - Crowden Clough - Crowden Tower - Crowden Head - Kinder Scout Summit - Kinder Low TP - Swines Back - Brown Knoll TP - Near Horesehill Tor - Over Gowburn Tunnel - Chapel Gate Track - Barber Booth Car Park

I have been meaning to explore the Kinder Scout plateau for some time now and have just been waiting for a good day to do so. The weather forecast was for a bright and sunny day and so I decided that today would be the day. It turned out to be a great day’s adventure albeit cold. As usual I arrived early in Edale and instead of using the main car park in the village I parked at the roadside parking area in Barber Booth (SK107847) which I think used to be part of an old quarry.

My walk started by taking the road towards Upper Booth and then to cross the Pennine Way. This area of the Peak District is certainly a walker’s paradise. The path to Crowden Clough from Upper Booth bears right out of the hamlet through a lovely wooded area and then out in to open moorland. Before the start of Crowden Clough there is a small footbridge over Crowden Brook. This route is one of the less popular ways up to Kinder Scout and is one of the most picturesque ascents on a sunny day. The path crosses the brook several times during the ascent and there are some lovely small waterfalls. As with most ascents up on to Kinder Scout the last section is quite steep and rocky which makes it really adventurous. As I approached the final ascent I decided to take the right hand path instead of turning left for Crowden Tower.

On arriving at the Kinder Edges I had a short refreshment break as well as getting my bearings from map, compass and GPS for the exploration of Kinder Scout. First I headed west and then north-west to my first cairn of the day. To the north-east I could now make out the summit top of Crowden Head in the distance. I headed towards my target but it was easier said than done. The groughs and hags of the peaty landscape were extremely boggy and extra care was needed. At one point I found myself knee deep in muddy peat and sinking slowly down. It was then a case of extracting my leg very slowly out of the awkward situation – thankfully my boot did not come off but from this point onwards I had a very wet boot and foot. The terrain of the plateau is so unpredictable and therefore what you think is safe is sometimes not and vice versa.

Eventually I arrived at Crowden Head where the ground rises slightly with a rocky top. I then retraced my steps (well sort of) back to the cairn I visited earlier. I then passed two more cairns – one of which is the true summit of Kinder Scout (636m) – before heading towards Kinder Low triangulation pillar which could be seen in the distance. The going now seemed to be a lot easier. Before reaching the Kinder Edge I went through an area which is currently being worked on by the Peak National Park to regenerate and re-grow the peat landscape. There were new seeds being laid into the peat and several channels cut out for drainage.

My next refreshment break was at Kinder Low (633m) where there is a triangulation pillar (S4113) and a huge cairn set back from the pillar. After meeting a couple of walkers from Buxton I made my way back down to the southern Kinder Edge near the Noe Stool and then took the path south past Edale Rocks and up onto Swines Back. There are good views from here along the Kinder Edge. I then descended from Swines Back and headed southwards once more to Brown Knoll. There is another triangulation pillar (S2782) at Brown Knoll (569m) which is surrounded by a peaty bog. I could not touch the pillar as I think I might have disappeared. The paths around Brown Knoll are very boggy and muddy in places. The ridge route away from Brown Knoll passes Horsehill Tor and crosses the Gowburn Tunnel (Manchester to Sheffield railway line) which is way underground.

The path back to Barber Booth was via the Chapel Gate track. This was certainly another great day’s walking with some excellent weather and clear conditions.


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