Manorbier Castle - 29th September 2008
Date 28th September 2008 Description Manorbier Castle
Start Point Manorbier    
Weather Mainly Sunny Temperature 10-12°C

The castle at Manorbier is only a few miles away from the bustling town of Tenby on the south Pembrokeshire coast. The position of the castle is set in beautiful surroundings and has a natural vantage point being on a red sandstone spur, with the sea to the west and fresh water in the valleys either side. Views to the beach and sea are excellent from the Old Tower and Round Tower of the castle.

Manorbier Castle is a Norman castle dating back to the 11th century. Odo de Barri who was a Norman Knight was granted land where the castle now stands. The building was originally a wooden hall with eathwork defences. During the first half of the 12th centuary work began on a stone structure by William de Barri who was Odo's son. Today there are some remains of the 12th centuary building - the Old Tower and the Hall Keep which included the Cellars, Hall and Buttery and Old Solar.

Gerald of Wales, known as Geraldus Cambrensis, the great twelfth century scholar and son of William de Barri, was born in the castle in 1146. Today the castle is remarkably well-preserved.

Most of the castle remains today are from the 13th centuary. The castle served as the backdrop for Cair Paravel in the BBC version of The Chronicles of Narnia.

"This was a supurb castle in a great location. A lovely day out for any family".
Manorbier Castle Spur from the road side
Stanage Edge and grazing sheep
Map of Manorbier Castle and surrounding area
Gatehouse and Old Tower
Round Tower
Manorbier Castle Gatehouse
Manorbier Castle Gatehouse and Round Tower
Gatehouse and Round Tower
North Tower and Curtain Walls
Room showing part of Castle life
Room showing part of Castle life
Old Tower from Round Tower
Looking towards the sea from Round Tower
Looking towards the sea from Round Tower
Looking towards the sea, beach and car park from Round Tower
Looking towards the sea, beach and car park from Round Tower
Old Tower from Round Tower
Manobier Beach
Looking into castle from one of the many windows
Castlw Walls
Castle Chimney
Castle Curtain Walls
Castle Curtain Walls
Manorbier Castle from below
Manorbier Castle Ground Floor Plan
Manorbier Castle
Manorbier Castle
Near Manorbier Beach
Manorbier Castle

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